The Costco Run


I love it. Go at noon on a Sunday and you’ll love it too. Samples, people. Samples.

I also love it because Danny and I team up. He takes the big kids and gets paper products while I take the babies and get fun stuff. Like kids’ clothes and books and magazines. Most of the time, I’m supposed to be getting chicken and fruit and rolls…but I get easily sidetracked in Costco.

My helpers do, too.


Alice found this Pottery Barn catalog at home right before we left and could not tear herself away from it. There was one page that she kept asking Jamie for for her birthday. She wanted the whole page. Jamie said that yes, he would get it for her, and that Papa would have to take him shopping to get it. On the page was a toy kitchen set, a little table and chairs, and a doll sitting in a very sweet, pastel-painted room. It did look nice. And we do own every piece of that page (not the same brands, but the same stuff). I can’t blame her for wanting that exact setup, though. The pastel room looked a lot more appealing than the playroom downstairs. Someday.

So trying to get Alice to walk along the cart while reading her catalog was too hard. I scooped her up and plopped her in the cart which she did not appreciate. And my tiniest helper slept through it all.


Well, not all.  She slept until Alice woke her up with a very nice rendition of “Twinkle Twinkle.”


We loaded up the cart (they have adorable Adidas sweat suits for toddlers right now – $12.49 or something. Cute.) with our goods and headed to checkout.


Diapers. We forgot diapers. Danny is the best. He ran to the back of the store to get diapers (while we were still in line) and arrived just in time. Nothing is more hilarious than a 27 year old guy running through Costco with a huge box of diapers. I love it.

And that, my friends, was our exciting Sunday.  Yes, that’s all I have for today.  I suppose I could have taken pictures of Jamie puking his guts out ALL NIGHT LONG last night.  Yep, he was up every 1/2 hour puking.  And when you are throwing up that much, it starts to really burn.  Poor kid.

And then this morning?  Maria started.  And her eye was all gooped up.  Gross.

But the babies are fine.  So today is a tv-watching-in-comfy-clothes kind of day for the kids while I tackle the 17,001 loads of laundry.


2 thoughts on “The Costco Run

  1. Chandi Yurivilca

    I love how i can relate to about every single blog you have! Its nice to know the craziness of my lil family life is normal. NEVER a dull moment! Ive gotten to the point where im looking forward on a daily basis to reading your blog miss ruthie. Thanks for the good reading. Much enjoyed!


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