Project 52 revision…

….okay, so apparently I am was the only one linking up with Shawna at Stylberryblog who is using the same theme as her.


Apparently other people are creative and coming up with their own theme.


I seriously thought everyone was doing the same one.  Oops.  And I thought it’d totally be fun because everyone would have a different “I want them to know…”…because everyone’s life is different.   But I am so not gonna be that girl who is the copycat.  Oh, no.  So there will be a new theme for my Project 52.


What will it be?

“I Love You Because…”

Each of my Project 52 posts will complete that sentence.  Maybe it’ll be about Danny.  Maybe it’ll be about one of the kids.  Maybe it’ll be about my dogs.  Who knows.  Stay tuned.


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