Friday Favorites

Transworld Surf

surfer mag

I may have already used this as a FF. But a new one came today in the mail and I’ve been sneaking a couple minutes here and there reading it. I want my kids to surf and play in the beach and be one with the waves. It’s true, as corny as it sounds.

Tiny-Sized Snowboards


Jamie got a snowboard setup for his birthday, the exact one pictured. There is something so adorable about a tiny snowboard and itty bitty boots. Maria already looks cute out there on the ski hill, I can only imagine how cute Jamie will look. They’re going next weekend down to McCall and Jamie is stoked.

Stephen Colbert


If you need an explanation as to why this is featured in my FF, you obviously haven’t tuned into The Colbert Report.

Nordy’s Gift Cards (and, naturally, those who give them)


Again. I don’t need to explain.



I have spent many afternoons this week (but when I say “many” how many can I really mean, right? There have only been 5) building with Legos. I’ve built a police car, Lighting McQueen, a space shuttle, and news truck, and other abstract art. Jamie and I rock.

And last but most certainly not least…

The Montessori Birthday Celebration


This isn’t a picture of Jamie’s actual celebration. I forgot my camera for that one and I’m kicking myself now for doing that.

So let me explain it to you:

First, Jamie got to be line leader (do you know how awesome this is to 5 year olds?) They tip-toed into their classroom.

[they do fun things like this. could they just walk? yes. but it’s more fun to tip-toe.]

Jamie and Charlotte and I got to sit at the ‘head’ of the circle they made. In the middle of the circle, Ms. Megan placed a black mat that had a felt sun on it. The sun had 12 triangle rays and Jamie and his friend Elliot had the job of putting a month on each ray, in order. Ms. Megan asked the class how long it took the Earth to go around the sun and many of them answered, “12 months.” You could tell they had done this before and that they loved it.

I am amazed at how well those 3, 4, 5, and 6 year olds listen. I am not exaggerating when I say that the entire time I was there in circle time, the children were polite and engaged and truly interested in what was going on.

So anyway, I showed pictures of when Jamie was born (so adorable). Then I showed a picture of him as a chubby little 8 month old. Then as a 1 year old. After I showed that picture, Jamie took a little globe and walked around the sun mat while his classmates sang, “The Earth goes around the Sun, tra-la-la-la-la. The Earth goes around the Sun. Then Jamie was 1.” And then Jamie sat down.

Then I talked about when he learned to walk, what he ate as a 1-year old, and then showed a picture of him as a 2 year old. Again, he got up and walked around the sun while his friends sang. This went on for each year of his life.

Watching it all was enough to make me wanna cry — and make me so thankful that he is right where he is, at Children’s House. Here I saw Jamie at school. He was the center of attention, but not just while he was line leader. And not just when he got to pass out his birthday snack. No, an entire ‘lesson’ was devoted to Jamie and his first 5 years of life. It wasn’t fakey and it wasn’t rushed and it wasn’t something that they just had to get over with. They took their time with it.

Then he held a candle while his friends sang him happy birthday (at the end of which was a very cute “hip hip hooray! hip hip hooray!”).

I’m not gonna lie…I might sneak in on the next kid’s birthday celebration just to watch it again. And to see adorable baby pictures and hear all about Jamie’s friends at school.


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