My mornings always start out pretty good. I’m serious. They always begin on a happy note.

This might be the reason why:



She is always the first up. And you might notice that she is standing…kind of. She has learned how to pull herself up on her knees in her crib. It usually turns into panic because what she hasn’t figured out yet is how to get back down. So she gets up and panics. And to a baby, panic translates into lots and lots of tears. At 12am. And 2:00am. And again at 4:00am.

But at 7:00am….she wakes up happy.


So I do, too.

I change her, feed her, and by that time, the big kids need to wake up. They are a bit harder to wake. But we get it done.


Alice and Jamie were close behind and they wandered out into the living room, ate their waffles, got their clothes on and we were off to take Ria to school.

And on Fridays, the babies and I also join All Saints for mass.


I think it would surprise a lot of people to learn that I enjoy mass. I like that it is very traditional – the responses and prayers are always the same and every Catholic around the world hears the same readings each weekend..I like that. It feels safe and familiar. But Jamie?

“My favorite part about church is the part where we get to go home.” And last month he told me, “I still don’t like Jesus and God and I don’t really wanna talk about it anymore.”

There you have it.

And because these kittens are practically attached to me every day, all day, I have to bribe them with snacks.


Some might think that bringing chocolate milk and a bagel to church for your kids to munch on isn’t really appropriate, but I’m pretty sure that God appreciates me keeping them quiet.

After church we ran some errands, one of them being dropping pictures off at my friend’s husband’s children’s clinic he just opened. I am so excited because he asked me if I would be interested in hanging up some of my photos in there. They do look awfully cute…



I also ordered new business cards to have there. So excited!

What’s on tap for tonight? Maria and I are going to a dance performance by our friend Michael (he’s really my mom’s friend, but I feel like he is my friend, too). His brother’s partner, Don, is the man who we did the fundraiser for over the summer. He received his lung transplant and is doing so well! This is another fundraiser – anyone who is in town tonight should go. Michael is so talented and it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Happy Friday!


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