Waking up after 2 weeks of not having to is difficult. Waking up isn’t hard, it’s the getting everyone dressed and fed and teeth brushed and shoes on and coats on and backpacks packed and lunches made and diapers changed and then everyone loaded up. It takes longer than you might think.

And after 2 weeks of not doing it, I forgot how long it took.

Also, I need to go shopping.



SO excited about the comments for the giveaway — I was afraid only Cenone and Megan would comment, but I was (very) pleasantly surprised by the response! I have other fun giveaways i’m planning for this year, so I’m glad people are interested. I’ll choose a commenter (using random.org) tomorrow morning and then let you know who won the frame.

And maybe I’ll even take some pictures between now and then so there’s something cute to look at, too.


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