Adios, 2011

New Year’s with kids is a lot different than New Year’s without.

To be completely honest, I have not had the chance, as an adult, to experience New Year’s Eve without children. I’ve never gone out drinking on New Year’s Eve and stayed out until 1:00am. As a highschooler, maybe. But that was not legal.

But let me let you in on a little secret: New Year’s Eve with kids is 10 times better anyway.

On Thursday evening, we left the valley and drove to McCall where Dan’s parents have a cabin. And by cabin, I mean beautiful home.

[the drive]

[timezone bridge — from pacific time to mountain time]

[the mccall home]

Danny and Maria shredded it up on the ski hill while the baby girls and I stayed behind. Without a car. The getaway was nice, I can’t lie about that, but spending all day with a 7 month old and a 2 year old is not really “fun.” It wasn’t horrible, don’t get me wrong. But I was a wee bit bored. HSN did have an amazing deal on a video camera and had my wallet been with me, I may have made a purchase. You should have seen the amazing video it took…

But Jamie was due home today (Saturday) at 3:30pm, so we packed up after a morning of the kids (Danny and Ria) snowboarding and headed back to the valley. We unloaded the car and I fed Charlotte and then headed up to get Jamie. Danny and I both had commented on how quiet our lives were without Jamie around. Not a good quiet. A something-is-missing quiet. Because, duh, our boy was missing. But he had a magical time in Disneyland which I fully expected. He was a good boy, but by the end of the trip, I think he was getting a little too big for his britches, especially when he announced on the way out of Seattle, “See ya later, losers!!”

NOT appropriate. Humiliating, I’m sure, for my mom. My dad says he yelled this very loud. So loud that the entire plane heard and chuckled. Ohhhhh, Jamie. In the car I asked if maybe he thought that was kind of an inappropriate thing to say. He agreed that maybe it was a poor choice. And then went on to tell me how awesome the Mickey waffles are.

5 year olds, tsk tsk.

We got home and Jamie bombarded the girls with gifts and hugs.

For Maria…a Rapunzel dress and wig.


[if you find yourself getting super creeped out by that wig, you’re not alone.]

And for Alice…an Ariel dress.

[she found the chocolate coins]


And for the tiny Disney fan…Minnie ears.


[yep, she sits]

And with Jamie home, our New Year’s Eve celebration can begin. Danny’s making dinner (steak and fish and potatoes) and I bought the kids “A Dolphin Tale” and “Cars 2.” Yes, we’re wild party animals.

What do I want in 2012? I want to be more patient. To enjoy every moment as it comes and not be too worried about tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes, you know. I want to take the kids on lots of adventures and teach them about people and things they might have never known about. I want to explore my crafty side a little deeper…bust out my new sewing machine and get things made. I want to keep in better touch with friends and make an effort to get together with them more often.  I want to have lots of parties and spend the summer outside and take roadtrips and blog lots and have date nights weekly and take a zillion pictures of my kids and color my hair a crazy color and teach Jamie and Ria to ride 2-wheelers and drop in on the miniramp and organize my kitchen and have dance parties and write stories with Ria and have lots of playdates and build a sandbox and grow a garden and go to the beach and maybe visit NYC.

I’m out of breath.

Adios, 2011. You’ve been good. But 2012 will be even better.


1 thought on “Adios, 2011

  1. Megan

    Ruthie you are so cool. This made me laugh and smile and tear up a little. 2012 is the year when we will become better friends and I welcome it!


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