This adorable baby here…


and here


oh…and here…


…is five today. 5. And he isn’t chubby cheeked and long-haired anymore. He’s a kid.


A very beautiful one at that.

Five years ago, I couldn’t believe I was so lucky — I had a perfect, sweet 21 month old girl and was holding an equally sweet new baby boy. He had hair like you all wouldn’t believe. More than Charlotte for sure. He had little features and was just the sweetest. He came quickly, too quick for pain medication and it hurt like you wouldn’t believe, but oooooh it was so worth it.

And today he is 5.

He’s silly and fun.


He’s the best brother in the world.


What else do I love about Jamie? Here’s a list:

– I love his voice. It is high and squeaky and even though it could drive someone crazy, it’s awfully adorable. I love it.
– He is so curious. He wants to know about words and definitions and why and how things work.
– He loves his sisters so much. He gives them hugs and kisses like crazy.
– Every morning he says, “Good morning, mama.” Love it.
– He’s kind.
– He is crazy smart.
– He is funny, lots of times without meaning to be.
– He is as beautiful as any boy could possibly be.


He has grown up more in the past year than I would have ever imagined.  He isn’t as shy as he used to be.  He is more confident and is able to “let loose” a little more with people he isn’t as familiar with…like new friends.  I am so happy about that.  He is so polite and doesn’t growl when people try and talk to him (yes, he went through a growling phase).

Today he woke up and I told him, “Happy birthday, Bub.” He was very sleepy, still waking up. But maybe 10 minutes later he came and laid his head on my chest and said very sweetly, “Thanks for telling me happy birthday, mama.” The best part is that he totally meant it. He won’t tell you things he doesn’t mean. I love that about him, too.

We got hotcakes for breakfast at McDonald’s (yes, he actually requested “hotcakes”) and took them to Lala’s and Papa’s to say good-bye to Josh and Liisa. Then we went home and he built some stuff while I cleaned up. The girls helped and they got a couple solid hours of playing in. Then we met Daddy for lunch at Zany’s which was a bit chaotic (think squealing toddlers, balloons being let go and gigantic spiders…). We got home, played and played and then I took Jamie to get his hair cut.




and After:

And then guess where we went. Go on…guess. Nope, we didn’t go to Starbucks.

Nope, not the train park to see the Christmas lights.

Okay, I’ll tell you because you’ll never guess. We went up to the airport. This lucky kid is going to Disneyland.


For his 5th birthday, my parents are taking him to Disneyland for 3 days (just like they did for Ria). He is so excited. He’s been planning his itinerary for months. What rides he will go on (Pooh and Buzz), what he will eat (Mickey waffles) and what he will see (parades and fireworks).

And off he went. My 5 year old.



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