Let me tell you that Christmas with kids is nothing like Christmas when you were little. It is so much better. Seeing this face on Christmas morning..


…is the best thing in the world. The kids were so excited. Everything was wonderful and fun and awesome and they thought it was the “best day ever!”

[Maria trying out a stomp rocket]

Santa was good to them. My favorite was all of Charlotte’s things:


The most adorable pair of brown Toms sneakers you have ever seen.

Romeo and Juliet and Pride and Prejudice board books…awesome.

Polka Dot socks. I love polka dots.

Mustela. Love.

Hers was my favorite because I am in love with baby things. Getting gifts for Charlotte is like getting gifts for myself…because she’s not old enough to actually have a preference as to what patterns she likes, what books she wants to read and how she wants to smell. It’s up to mama.

Alice loved her Calico Critters house.

I love Calico Critters, too. So cute.

Jamie got a pirate ship from Santa and Maria got American Girl stuff. These eyes were happy.

[so were maria’s and alice’s, but they were too busy with toys to give mama a pose]

And games? Oh, boy…we are game rich.


Which is so fun. We’ve spent hours playing over the past few days.


And shoes. We got lots of shoes. Spoiled, we are.

[little leopard toms??]

[houndstooth Sperry’s]

We ran around a lot on Christmas. It might be a bit too much for the kids — there is a lot of getting in and out of the car and I heard a lot of, “Can we go home yet?” from them. It’s hard to open really fun toys and then not be able to play with them right away. I remember! But after Dan’s parent’s house, we went home to get ready for dinner guests. It was a really fun night. Guest list:

My mom and dad
My brother and his wife
My friend Sara
My aunt and her 2 kids
Our family friend Sally
My grandma

We had ham and potatoes with a REALLY yummy whiskey cream sauce. Like….really yummy. Green bean casserole (always delicious) and rolls. The basics. But it was easy.

Tonight we are having all those guests plus Cenone and Andy, Dan’s parents and his sister and her boyfriend and a couple other friends (minus sara because her boys are with her – not sure our house is where they would wanna choose to be when they are with their mama) over for gumbo, southern biscuits, and chocolate mousse. We don’t mess around when it comes to food for parties.

Hope you’re all recovering from crazy holiday fun. Tomorrow? What I wore Wednesday. Which will probably turn into what I wish I wore Wednesday because my cute jeans and pants are all in the dirty clothes.  My excuse for not doing laundry for the past 3 days is the same as yours…It’s Christmas.


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