Friday Favorites

It’s Friday.



This may have been featured on a previous FF, but we love it. Dexter is a Showtime (or is it hbo??) series about Dexter who is a blood splatter analyst by day, serial killer by night. There is nothing not to love about that.

Christmas Lights


This is a recent favorite. Today, the 23rd day of our advent calendar, the kids opened an envelope that said, “Let’s go on a ride to see the Christmas lights.” They were so excited. We left Charlotte and Daddy at home and the 3 big kids and I picked up Lala, went to get some hot chocolate, and we checked out some lights. It was so much fun.



How embarrassing is it to say the brand of these tiny oranges? Even though the name of them is ridiculous, I love the little buggers. Alice loves them, Maria loves them, and there is nothing more satisfying than peeling an entire cutie in one piece. ONE PIECE!!

Tamarack Cellars Firehouse Red

tamarack cellars

I’m not really a wine expert (not really? Try not even close.) but my friend Hailey (she also basically runs the hospital, used to run the city, and is totally fashion) knows about wine and gave this to me for Christmas. We had it tonight and it was nice.

Ben and Jerry’s Cookbook


Homemade icecream is the best. Especially homemade chocolate Reese’s.

Phil and Ted’s Highchair Thingy


CHarlotte is finally ready to start using this. Well, she will be in about 3 lbs. We love our Phil and Ted’s highchair. Super compact and easy to use. We love Phil and Ted’s, period.

Girl’s Doodle Book


Maria has the best imagination. I’m not kidding — she started writing books when she was tiny (well, I wrote them, she just dictated what was to be written), my favorite being about vampires and squirrels. This book is so great because it gives drawing prompts. Something like, “Draw what you think would be the best birthday cake ever.” There are TONS of these types of prompts with the beginnings of a picture drawn out, she just creatively finishes it.




Mine is red and better than this. Cenone got it for me for Christmas and I’m in love with it. Because…..well, because nice matters.


Christmas is in 2 days.  We are bursting with excitement over here, we can hardly stand it.  Josh and Liisa come tomorrow and the kids are ecstatic.  I guess I am too…just a little.



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