Na na na na na na na na…..

….that was supposed to be the beginning to the theme of Batman.  You totally got that, right?

Last night was Jamie’s superhero party and we had a blast. It was a rough week for me. I won’t go into any boring details, but I was very preoccupied and anxious and this was the worst possible week for it to happen. I love parties…LOVE them. And for Jamie’s party, I felt like I was doing things last minute and it didn’t turn out exactly how I had wanted it to…starting with the pictures. My batteries were dead in my flash so the pictures are horrible. But I got some, and that is all that matters.

Streamers are a must.


Balloons are, too. We were going to rent a helium tank and have them floating on the ceiling but then thought it might look cooler to have them hanging.


There were lots of balloons hanging from the ceiling and it looked pretty cute. And the backdrop? The kids helped with the cityscape. Ya know, like Gotham City. They also made paper airplanes that we tacked on. I was going to write something in the sky, but my marker kinda died on me. Oops.

Each guest got a cape when they arrived. I had lots of shiny colors to choose from: red, orange, green, yellow, pink, purple, blue…

[thank you Sarah for the awesome capes! She can make anything.]

It made my heart uber happy to see them all excited to put on their capes.

Cupcakes. Oh my deliciousness.


My friend Carolyn makes the best cupcakes. Chocolate and PB are the best — the frosting is to die for and they are cute, too.

[I picked up the liners and toppers at William-Sonoma. Who is that superhero, anyway?!]

We spoiled them with Fazzari’s pizza and O.N.E. Coconut water.


The coconut water has juice in it and it’s so good — and good for you, too. Superheroes should eat and drink healthy things.  Like pizza…..

Who knew that Hastings had a crazy huge stock of comic books for $.99 each? Not this girl….until last Wednesday. I got some and made this:


It turned out really cute. When I purchased them, the kid who rang me up said, “Oh, cool, what are these for?” I said, “Oh, my 5 year old’s birthday party.” He got excited, “Oh, awesome, which ones did you get him?!” I said, “Uhhh, I’m not sure, I’m gonna cut them up and make a banner.” By the look on his face, you might think I had kicked a kitten. He couldn’t believe I was going to cut them. I told him they were only $.99, so why not?

As always, we had a blast. The kids ran around like crazy. CRAZY. At 4, 5, and 6 years old, kids really just wanna run wild and see what toys you have and make huge messes and scream and jump and hide and wrestle. They totally did all that, plus some.


I love Jamie’s friends. All of them — which doesn’t always happen. You know how there is usually one or 2 kids who your child hangs out with and you’re not totally wild about ’em? It sounds horrible to say out loud, but this is the truth. Well I don’t have that. Jamie’s friends are great. They are fun and happy and silly…but are also SO sweet and kind and watching them all together made me so happy.

And then it was time to blow out candles….thank God I got a picture of….


….that kid’s sweet fist.

And next time maybe I will just stick with my crappy point and shoot camera for catching quick kids and silly parties.

My sweet boy got spoiled rotten with Legos and Transformers and cars and RC vehicles.  A soccer ball, some building stuff and books.  Ah, what a fun time we had.  I am lucky that Jamie has such nice friends because guess what?  That usually means they have nice parents.  Several parents stayed and I am so glad they did — without my kids, I would probably have no friends, but thanks to them, I have quite a little group of people I love.



[And to end this post, happy birthday to Danny.  The best dad in the entire universe.  The kind of dad who will change a diaper any time, put together 1,000 piece lego sets, play barbies or dress up, watch Yo Gabba Gabba, or hold a crying baby.  The kind of husband who will text me all day long, watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with me, reassure me when I am worried about things, or be content just hanging out with me.  He’s the kind of friend who will do anything for you, forgive you when you’ve done something awful, help you move stuff, build stuff or fix stuff, and is down for just about anything.  His 26th year was full — a new skatepark, a new baby, roadtrips, work, and a zillion other things….and here’s to a 27th year that is just as great.  Happy Birthday, Danny, we love you!]


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