The Polar Express


I bet you were starting to wonder if I had given her away.  Nope, I didn’t.  We’re keeping her . Not sure we could find a girl as sweet and wonderful as Maria.  Thursday we dropped her off at school before taking the other kids to their own spots.


There she goes.  Like a big girl.  *sigh*


Then we dropped this silly thing off at her “school.”




And then it was time for Jamie to go to school.  On Thursday, Jamie and his friends took a ride on the Polar Express.


They read the book and then re-enacted it.  It might have been the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in my children’s (very short) school careers.


The kids ate it up.


One by one, Ms. Megan woke them up with a sweet pat on the back and an outstretched hand…leading them each to the train.


Look at his face.


They rode across the snow, seeing polar bears and snowflakes and lots of fun things outside.  But then it was time to get off the train, so with a little help from the conductor, Jamie stepped over the gap.



At the North Pole, Jamie was Santa’s helper.  He very sweetly took the hand of each of his friends, “Would you like to tell Santa what you want for Christmas?”



(Charlotte just did some puzzles.)polarexpress-43

And after a visit with Santa, their snack of hot cocoa, an orange and a gingerbread cookie was waiting for them.


And outside?





This was a good lesson for me, this Polar Express re-enactment.

It took a while for Ms. Megan to wake each child up separately and lead them, on their own, to their spot on the train.


Know what would have been easier?  Saying, “Okay, everyone wake up and get in a line!  Follow me and find a spot on the train!”

But know what is more magical and fun?  Ms. Megan’s way.  The kids loved it.  They were all so good and so fun and so in the spirit of it all.  There are 3 year olds and there are 6 year olds in the class.  None of them thought it was silly or dumb.  Because it totally wasn’t.

It pays off to do things slowly.  To make time for things and make experiences a little more magical, even if it’s more work for you.  They will remember it.

Watching them all hold hands like it was no big thing was the best.  Watching Jamie lead his friends by hand to greet Santa and all of them taking his hand very willingly was the sweetest.  They all played along and I’m pretty sure it was Jamie’s favorite day yet.


I didn’t have time yesterday to do my Friday Favorites, but I will this week.  Right now I’m taking a break from creating a cityscape for Jamie’s birthday party that is in 4 short days.  Stay tuned.  There will be pictures.


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