Friday Favorites on a Saturday Afternoon

I realize it is Saturday, but Friday Favorites got away from me last night.  I had things to do.  Like watch Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

But today, while watching Toddler in Tiaras, I’m ready to post my Friday Favorites.  I promise you that I don’t just sit around and watch tv.  Promise.

Puma Shoes


I love Puma. I wish I played soccer. I have always said that. I wish I loved to run and loved to play soccer because it’s way cooler than softball and basketball and volleyball. Puma reminds me of soccer and they are super comfortable and cute. Especially on my favorite little feet.

Naartjie Kids


LOVE this clothing store. Their clothes are super adorable, super affordable, and they are always getting new lines in. I always want to make a stop at Washington Square in Portland to shop at Naartjie.

Mama and Daddy:


Okay, so Danny just likes regular old skateboards, but I like my hybrid skateboard I rigged up. I have a regular deck with longboard wheels. Do you know how fun it is to cruise around on giant, soft wheels? They go over anything. I could probably run over Scout and not even notice.


There’s a pretty good chance that’s not a picture of a tilapia. It’s just what Google images gave me. But what I like is to eat the little buggers. I do not enjoy meat. I don’t like beef, pork, and any chicken I eat has to look really clean. I won’t eat it in a restaurant. I am an annoying, picky meat eater. But I do like fish, especially tilapia when it’s cooked with butter and topped with a little crust. Mmmmmm.


Have you watched this show? Oh my gosh, watch it now. It’s hilarious. It’s about these people in the South who make their own moonshine. It’s illegal so they’re always trying to “avoid the law.” Question: won’t they get in trouble for making this stuff and having it aired on national television? I don’t care, it’s entertaining and I love it.


Fantasy Books

This is a guilty pleasure of mine….books about fairies and vampires and other mythical beings. I recently read a book that I am pretty sure is aimed at 12 and 13 year olds. It took me maybe 2 hours to read. Loved it. It’s mindless and fun and I don’t even care anymore that the internet knows it.


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