Untitled #26


I get excited when I can find everything I’m actually wearing on polyvore. This is actually what I’m wearing today.

Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t get too excited because it is really just a sweatshirt and unflattering jeans (par for the course) and tennis shoes, but it’s the little things, okay? (And you should see my hair.  I look like maybe I stepped back in time and pretended I was in highschool again with my sweet little twist in the front all brought together in the back with a messy ponytail.  aaaahahahahha yes!)

And ooooooomg it’s already Wednesday. Patrick is coming to town today. I”m making adorable cookies for Jamie’s sing-a-long tomorrow night. We’re going to SSG with Cenone and Andy to celebrate……nothing. Just to celebrate.

Another day fit for dancing and twirling. I’ll take it.


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