Christmas Trees and Princesses

Tuesdays are when our routine really starts coming off of the weekend. Jamie and Alice both have school along with Maria, so Charlotte and Mama have all morning to themselves. It’s also a good time for me to get caught up on things.

Like my blog.

On Sunday Danny took the kids (all 3 of the older ones) on a Timber Tramps run in the Blues. Lots of snow, lots of guys in big cruisers and supposedly lots of Christmas tree hunting. Well it turns out that they were having a little too much fun dinking around in the snow to hunt for a Christmas tree. Maria got upset about not having a tree yet (that was kinda the whole point) and the kids were getting a little restless so Danny and the kittens headed back home.

Hay’s Produce had some nice trees.


Of course he should have gone to the All Saint’s Christmas tree sale but he just needed a tree quick and Hay’s was pretty much on the way home.

They did choose a fabulous tree.

We decorated.

[Maria’s favorite]

[my favorite — Maria’s first Christmas.]

The stockings were hung.


Someone please tell my why last year, when I was 4.5 months pregnant with Charlotte, I didn’t buy her a stocking. I didn’t. So this year we have 5 stockings and I am not prepared to order one from Pottery Barn to match our others and pay rush shipping. She can borrow mine this year. Next year, she will have one.

Last night was also my favorite things party, part II. Part I was a trial run party a few months ago. It was a success so I did it again and invited a few more friends. Ooooh it was fun. What made it even more fun:



Hostess gifts. Homemade hostess gifts. I should throw parties more often.

Here are a few of my friends’ favorite things: wine, wine openers, tweezers, lotion, hot cocoa, starbucks, scarves, Mystic Maid cleaning rag (I wanna try it so bad), caramels…..and more. We ate pizza and chatted and exchanged favorite things. It’s nice to get friends together. The kids played and played and ran around like wild boars (I have seen national geographic footage of wild boars and they run crazy all over the place). Jamie got a little too crazy and ended up sporting this to school today:



Poor stinker. He ran into the corner edge of a door, right on his eyebrow. I know about eyebrow injuries because back in the summer of ’02 or so I got several stitches in my eyebrow. Surfing accident. (That sounds way cooler than it actually was, but no one really needs to know that)

Luckily Jamie didn’t need stitches, just a bandaid. He’s pretty tough.

We took Jamie to school today. It’s a busy week for them:


Seriously, how fun?! He’s lucky he gets to do all those fun things — Ms. Megan is fantastic.

After we dropped him off and Alice off at her “school” we went to pick my mom up and go visit my grandpa. He’s up at a nursing home after being in the hospital for a bit. He’s had a rough go of it lately. Makes me sad for him.

After a quick visit we went to Pier One.


They have pretty good stocking stuffers for kids. I grabbed a few of those while my sidekick was good, as always.

[that on her shoulder strap is the remains of a teething biscuit. Mmmmm]

We got home, I wrote out the rest of Jamie’s party invites (they rock):


And then when the little kids got home, we danced and twirled. Because sometimes in the frenzy of life, twirling is necessary.





Tomorrow Uncle Patty comes. And if I’m lucky, I’ll catch a picture of Maria (she’s a quick one…hard to catch 😉 ).


1 thought on “Christmas Trees and Princesses

  1. Megan

    Thanks for the shout out! We have a lot of fun… feel free to hang out on Thursday for the Polar Express… lots of opportunities for pictures!


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