Friday Favorites


Kenra Hairspray

I judge hair products on how good they smell. This smells fantastic.

Stila concealer

Stila is my favorite brand. The lipglosses are perfectly glossy with a touch of color. The foundation is light but creamy. And the concealer? It covers up adorable blemishes that seem to creep up on me all. the. time. I often just wear the concealer and skip the foundation part of my routine altogether. And you thought this flawless face was natural…..


Family Fun Magazine

I love a good magazine. There are few daily joys as wonderful as receiving a magazine in the mail. Children’s laughs, your baby’s smile, and magazines in the mailbox.

A Wall Full of Christmas Cards



A totally adorable and easy way to remember your baby’s first day. I am that new mom who brings clothes to the hospital with me. No fewer than 4 outfits. I heard, “Oh, you won’t use them, you’ll just want to use the hospitals onesies, they’re easier.” Uhhhhh do you know me? My babies wore their own clothes in the hospital which is one reason why I have adorable pictures of them — nothing is cuter than a colorful onesie and a matching hat. Put it in a shadowbox with the impossibly tiny bracelet and a photo and you’re golden.

Sprout Baby Food

Charlotte is partial to the roasted bananas with rice. She gobbles em up.


Llama LLama


We love Llama Llama books at our house. My favorite is Llama Llama Misses Mama but that’s probably only because it has Mama in the title and I’m a sucker for kids who call their mamas by that name. But they are all good. Perfect for storytime before bed.


I have a friend named Lindsay. She’s an internet friend which sounds so weird and fake and totally not me….but I read her blog once and decided we were gonna be friends. If we ever get the chance to have a real-life playdate, I’d be thrilled. Her girls are beyond adorable, she is the sweetest mama and her photos are so dreamy. Yep, dreamy. Her blog is right here.

We’re off for birthday dinner for my aunt.  My other aunt and uncle are in town, so it’s pretty much a party.  Hope you have a birthday-party type weekend, too!


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