From scoot to rock…..and eventually crawl

She’s my fourth baby and I still ask people, “So when do babies start sitting up?”


I forget.

Probably because all of my babies have done things at all different ages. Maria walked so much earlier than Jamie (who walked later than the average baby), but Jamie’s verbal skills were better than Maria’s as a toddler. Alice slept through the night at 2 months while Maria didn’t until she was a year old. Potty training? Jamie was so easy. Maria….not so much.

Charlotte has some friends (*cough* Lilly *cough*) who are superbabies. You would not believe that something that tiny could crawl as well as they do. Charlotte, however, has been quite content with rolling everywhere. Yes, rolling. Like a ball.

Until recently…


Her arms are locked and ready to support her body while those knees go up….


…and up that little bottom goes.


And just like that, she’s rocking.


Pretty soon maybe she and Lilly will have crawling races around the kitchen. Oooh I hope so. I am not sure it could get much cuter than a crawling race….


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