Blue Water






Are you jealous of how blue our water is in the valley?


Don’t be.  We went to Charlie’s birthday party last night and one of his gifts was a bunch of bath toys.  Well before we left, Lydia must have slipped Maria a little blue “pill” (that’s what Maria called it!) that colors your bath water.  In the bath it flew, before I could stop it.  Thank goodness we got a blue pill and not a pink one.  That all sounds really dangerous, doesn’t it?  Pills?  Let me assure you, they weren’t really pills.  “Bath colors.”  That’s what they were.


Ah, I will miss these toddler days.  When all of my kids can take a bath together and it’s not weird.  When they play and play and laugh and squeal and smile and think everything is great and fun.  When the highlight of their day is making their bath water a magical blue.  Ah, yes, I will miss these days.


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