weight checks, christmas cheer and playdates

I got a call last night from Valley Med. I knew it was Valley Med because I have four children and visit the clinic quite often and have their number memorized. Anyway, I picked up right away because I was not expecting them to call — Charlotte had an appointment scheduled for next Thursday. I pick up and a couple seconds go by….then a recording:

“This is a reminder that Charlotte has an appointment tomorrow, December 7th, at 9:20 am. Please arrive 10 minutes early. Thank you.”

First of all, if the appointment is at 9:20 and you want me there 10 minutes early, please just make my appointment for 9:10. Secondly, I wrote her appointment down wrong. Oops. Thank goodness they call for reminders.

I woke up this morning at 6:30am and got ready. Then I woke the kids up and got them in the bath. Out they came, in Charlotte went. It’s so much easier to bathe Charlotte when she’s the only one in the bath. Little helpers are no bueno in the bath.

We amazingly made it out the door by 8:20. Which is just a little bit too late, but not too bad. We dropped Jamie off at school, dropped Ria off, and headed to Valley Med.

Wanna know what Charlotte weighs? 14 lbs 8oz. Yes, it’s true. She gained a full pound since her last appointment! Dr. Ambrosen was thrilled and so was I. Her growth curve is back where it should be and she’s getting fatter and fatter.  Hooray for (almost, getting closer) fat babies!

The other day, Danny spread some Christmas cheer to our neighbors in the form of Christmas lights.


I don’t even think we had lights last year. December got away from us.


But this year….we have lights.


And a wreath.


We’ve been very busy, hence the lack of blogging. We’ve had errands to run, laundry to clean, work to do and robots to make….


Toddler hands, while very sweet and adorable, are not always helpful. Jamie and I discovered this when we needed tape.



But she is definitely cute.


Ah, they all are.

We’ve also been pretty busy with playdates. The kids have played and played and played lately. Which is exactly what kids should be doing. Yesterday, we had a playdate with a friend of mine’s girls.

I took their pictures not long ago and just the other day got their beautiful Christmas card in the mail:


They are all really beautiful. And she wrote little blurbs about each of her kids under/above their pictures in the card. I believe I will borrow that idea for my card. My card which is not yet ordered but will be soon. I hope.

But anyway, the girls came over to play and Maria and Alice were in heaven.


They played and ran and squealed and colored and ate and ran around some more outside.

And this little peacock?


Well as you can obviously tell, he tried desperately to impress them. He followed behind them like a little puppy. He showed off here, showed off there, tried his hand at funny jokes, tried to run really fast and jump really high…but the girls just wanted to play.


Story of Jamie’s life.



1 thought on “weight checks, christmas cheer and playdates

  1. Megan

    The shot of Jamie sort of breaks my heart, he told me about the play date that morning at school. He was thinking about it all day!


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