Alice M

Every single one of my babies are the best. No, seriously. I could not possibly in 1.5 million years ever try and decide which I liked the best (just thinking about doing that is ridiculous) because each one of them has different traits that make me love them a thousand times more than I thought I ever could.  If you’re a mom, you know exactly what I mean.

Maria is patient and kind (plus a trillion other things).

Jamie is thoughtful and curious (plus a trillion other things).

Charlotte is sweet and smiley (plus a trillion other things).

And Alice….


…in addition to being happy and sweet, she is hysterical (plus a trillion other things).

Today, as we were getting ready to go pick up Maria from school, she kicked off her pants.

“Alice, it’s time to go. You need to get your pants on.”

She looked at me. Climbed up onto the ottoman. Looked at me again and said, “I no need pants,” and proceeded to dance:



I told her that if she didn’t want pants, that was okay, but she would lose her privileges. I’m not sure Alice has ever lost her privileges, but the mere thought of it makes her scramble to obey. She got those pants on as quickly as her little legs could and hopped outside (no, literally she hopped) to the car.

When we got home, the kids spotted their friend who lives down the street. They aren’t allowed to play anywhere but the field across from our house and in our front yard, so that’s where they all got together. Alice got her red coat on, her shoes, and joined them.

5 minutes later, I see this:






She hurt her finger.

10 seconds later?


Riding off into the sunset on her trike. Finding treasures:


She’s hilarious. She’s dramatic. She’s constantly either tattling on the kids or telling them that I’ve done something horrible to her (I kid you not, if I scold her, she will tell the big kids I hurt her…so naughty!). She gives out kisses like crazy, loves her thumb, loves to cuddle, and can sing like an angel (kidding, but she tries). She talks so sweetly to Charlotte and would give anything to hang out with Maria and Jamie all day long. She laughs more than any 2 year old I know and I love it.


[maria, jamie and charlotte blurbs will follow in the next couple weeks.  swear.]


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