I know Advent actually started before December 1st, but our Advent calendar for the children’s purposes starts on the 1st.

I spent a good part of the afternoon on Wednesday getting it all put together.


I wrote little notes and tucked them into envelopes (things like, “good for one bubble bath tonight” and “let’s have popcorn and pancakes for dinner”…fun things like that). On the random day, instead of an envelope to open, there is a little gift. Something for the 3 of them to do together. There are a couple $5 bin Christmas DVDs, a nutcracker painting kit, that kind of thing. The kids eat that stuff up.

And then of course, there is the Playmobile Advent calendar sent to us from Aunt Shari.


Oh, and a little playset.


It’s adorable.


(almost as adorable as this:)





What was in day #1?


A gold chocolate coin for each child…Alice, I believe, ate all 3.


Know what makes my day? Seeing packages on my doorstep.


Even when I have purchased them and sent them myself, it is still fun. It just is.

Especially when they are full of adorable things like this:


It’s a chiffon ruffle romper from Sprinkles for Sprouts. She is who I purchase most of my headbands from. It is Miss Charlotte’s first birthday outfit. Yes, a little early, but when you see something adorable, you have to jump on it.

What else? The girls’ Christmas dresses:


I went with adorable sweater dresses from Olive Juice. If you have little girls, go to this website immediately and shop. Their clothes are sweet and adorable and so ridiculously appropriate for little girls.


Maria’s Christmas concert was on Friday and you would not believe some of the dresses these little girls were wearing. The amount of sequins and bling and heels on these little girls was a little vegas for me. I like my 6 year old to look like a 6 year old. And look at this adorable dress…


Ah, it’s so cute. LOVE Olive Juice.


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