No-Photo Thursday

I didn’t have time today to edit photos, oops.

I had lots of other things to do:

– drop kids off at school

-get Christmas gifts figured out/lists made/more lists made (I make gobs of lists)

– run errands (JoAnn’s to get more fabric for superhero capes, the big school to buy Scrip for Christmas presents, the bank, etc.)

– nurse Charlotte over and over

– make lunches, clean up lunches

-read some books with the kids

-put together a giant dinosaur puzzle

– clean up.  Over and over and over.

– 3 loads of laundry

– make headbands for tiny friends

– pick up kids from school



Funny story:  Cenone, Hailey and I are at Sycamore St.  We love it.  We order wine and dinner and even shrimp crostini.  We always split our checks up between the 3 of us.  We go Dutch.  So the time comes to pay the bill and Hailey can’t find her wallet.  Yep, “can’t find it”…haha.  So anyway, I say, “Oh, just put it on mine,” because she’ll pay me later.  I give them my card, Cenone gives them hers, and she comes back out.  With my bill and card.  “We don’t take American Express….”  Awkward.  Only because that’s the only card I had.

Cenone picked up the bill.  And the tip.  Oh, I love girls’ nights out.


I got home to a sick Jamie.  101 degree fever and throwing up.  It’s so sad when Jamie is sick because he totally does not fake it.  Doesn’t fake it, doesn’t exaggerate, he HATES being sick.  So when he is lying around, throwing up, saying his throat and head hurt, I know it really does.  Tomorrow we will lay low.


Happy Thursday!


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