Mama Tip: It’s Okay

Things have been so great lately. Not just children behaving and being sweet and patient. Things have just been going really smoothly. Aside from an eye twitch from hell, my anxiety has been low. Which is a big deal. I feel healthy physically and that makes me healthy mentally. I’m exhausted and tired like you wouldn’t believe, but I don’t mind. It’s kinda just part of being a mama of 4 kittens. Yesterday, though, in between car rides and errands and meals, we had a chance to relax.

So mama tip #3,495: It’s okay to relax.

If you and the kids have a couple hours to just sit and do nothing, it’s okay.


“Mama! Can I play the Wii? I need to practice because I am so bad.”
[Jamie in his adorable and high squeaky voice]

“Sure, let’s hook it up.”


It’s true. He is horrible at Mario Kart. And Mario Brothers. And, really, any other game he attempts. But that’s okay, I take that as a sign that he isn’t playing it 24/7, which is a good thing. But once in a while? It’s okay.

And it’s okay to browse through catalogs, knowing that this particular shirt will make me look 5 mos pregnant the second I put it on…


…or that buying these boots for all of my imaginary dirty work that I do would be ridiculous…


…or that we don’t have room for this awesome dresser even though it would look fantastic in my living room…


It’s okay to daydream and pretend. Even if it is only in a Sundance catalog (oooh, isn’t Sundance the best?).

And it’s okay that the girls are glued to the wii for a bit.


And this smile?


Definitely okay. More than okay. That smile (the 14 lb smile, hooray!) is perfect. So are these eyes:


How did this mama get so lucky?

Do you know what else is okay? Totally cheaping out on dinner. Yes, it’s okay.

Hamburger Helper is one thing. But when I take it a step further and go for the generic Albertson’s brand? Now that is borderline not okay.


But my kids gobble it up, it’s quick, and with a couple more nutritious sides, it could get a lot worse than “Beef Pasta.” (okay, I just gagged a little bit)

I went to see the new Twilight movie with Cenone last night. Entertaining only if you’ve read the books (which, duh, I have). I got home, the kids were running around like crazy, and finally we all went to bed.

Waking up to these kids is awesome, every single day:


[the tiny one was not in the mood].

Today I am obviously blogging a bit, then doing laundry and cleaning up so that when Maria gets home we can dig into the Advent calendar that Aunt Shari sent us. Spoiled rotten, these kids. And so are Danny and I because we will be enjoying the salted caramels that were tucked in there, too….

Happy Wednesday!


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