Thanksgiving and Ends to Great Weeks

Our Thanksgiving was great. We had 15 people in all:

-Our family of 6
-Mom, Dad, and Patrick
-Cheri and Gary
-Tracy and her kids

Danny made prime rib, my parents made the turkey, Sally made corn casserole and sweet potatoes, Cheri made stuffing and green beans, Tracy made pies and I made brussels sprouts:

[boiled, then sauteed in butter with bacon and onions and finished off with balsamic? Delicious.]

We put together a little appetizer spread of pickles, olives, cheeses and crackers.



Our table was fantastic. Tiny little handwritten notes from adorable little ones will always make a table fantastic.




Dinner was really delicious. Everything was SO good (except the mashed potatoes which I totally don’t wanna talk about. Thanks a lot, Alton…)


Maria loved the sparkle juice the most.



And Alice insisted on “cheers” every 10 seconds or so.


Charlotte was the best baby. She played on the floor. Next year, she’ll be up in a high chair, chowing down with us.


Oh, wait, no outfit is complete without an accessory or 2….




Bingo. The Stellmons play Bingo at Thanksgiving. If you ever get an invite to Thanksgiving dinner from us, but you already have plans, rethink them. And if you can’t get out of dinner plans, then say, “Well we are eating with _______ but we’d love to come by and visit afterwards.” Then come by around 7:15 or so so you can get in on this action.




The prizes rock. Wine, alcohol, William-Sonoma cooking stuff, books, CDs, candles, crafts, and wait for it…..


Mystery money envelopes. Choose an envelope. Inside might be $1. Or maybe $5. If you’re lucky, you’ll get one of 2 $10 bills. But only one lucky winner will get a $20 bill. Yes, cash prizes. We each won 3 times. I chose a candle, a tiny bottle of Maryhill wine and a $ envelope (I won $5).


Maria chose movie tickets.


Grandpa Gary? Jose Cuervo.


And Charlotte spent the evening BBMing Cenone. Rude.


And chocolate mousse to end the night.


Friday was pretty uneventful. Danny worked and after a Festival of Trees tea with our Finch friends, we just kinda hung out. Saturday morning I had several family photo sessions and then we went to dinner at Paraiso Vallarta. Always an adventure going out to eat with the kittens.

Sunday we had breakfast at my parents house and went up to Old Navy. They were having a “buy 1 get 1 75% off” sale. It was seriously an awesome sale. The girls got tights for their Christmas dresses, a couple shirts, and Jamie got a superhero shirt for his upcoming birthday party. I scored a shirt and Danny got some jeans. It was successful.

And today? Today is Monday. I am running on very little sleep, an eye twitch that is driving me insane and a tiny little Charlotte who wants to be held non-stop. Pray for me. 🙂


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