Friday Favorites

Mama and Daddy..



This is an HBO series that rocks. It’s about this soldier who was MIA for 8 years but then is suddenly found and returned to the US. A CIA person (Claire Danes who is so awesome) is sure he has been turned and is planning something big. LOTS of surprises and twists and totally keeps you interested. LOVE it. Another reason (along with Zombies, Vampires and Fairytales) why Sundays are the best days ever.

Skinny Girl Margarita:


I like any fancy drink that you don’t have to spend a lot of time mixing up. This already has alcohol in it, is delicious, and is relatively low-calorie.

Yankee Candles:


I love walking into my home and having is smell wonderful. Duh. Who doesn’t? Yankee candles smell SO good and last a really long time. Christmas cookie is really great.

Command Hooks (mini):

command hook

I love these little hooks. They are great for lots of random little things (like key hooks in your laundry room…rag hooks under your kitchen sink….etc.). I am currently using them to hang mini twinkle lights from our fireplace mantel. Perfect size.

For all of your little kittens….

Olive Juice Kids:

[photo from their website]

This is what I wish my kids wore every day of the week. Olive Juice clothes are sweet and simple, but super cute and comfortable. I just ordered the girls’ Christmas dresses from them. Love!

J Crew (crewcuts):

[photo straight off of jcrew]

I want this dress. I want this dress for every one of my girls. If it didn’t cost $160 I might do it…but $160 is just too much. But isn’t it adorable? Their site is oozing with cuteness. The preppy grown-up cuteness that is shrunk down to fit your little kittens. Jamie has a lot of crewcuts shirts because they fit a little tighter and smaller (and Jamie is just a little bug). And what I love about them is that a lot of their stuff is easily used for both boys and girls. I’m a fan of that look.

And last but not least, Pediped:

[photo from]

I LOVE Pediped shoes for babies and toddlers. Having 3 girls is awesome because Charlotte gets to wear so many of Maria and Alice’s hand-me-downs. And when I spend a tad more on something, I always justify it by saying that it will eventually get worn by 3 adorable girls, not just one. And this is the first year that I can actually see that my spending an extra $15 or so on a pair of baby shoes is totally worth it. Charlotte wears the black mary janes all the time (I know that shoes on babies who can’t walk is kinda silly, but she can’t pull them off so it helps keep those tiny little socks on) and I’m stoked for her to wear Alice’s silver sparkle ones. Nordstrom carries them and lots of online retailers do, too.


Happy Day after Thanksgiving!  Did you do lots of Black Friday shopping?  I didn’t — I ran to Macy’s to see if they had the Angry Birds game still (they didn’t) and picked up a pair of cheap grey boots.  Then I went to JC Penney to pick up Patrick’s suits.  Too many people.  Online shopping is way better 🙂


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