Wonderful Weekends

I think that if the worst part of your day is spilled milk….


…you’ve had a pretty great day.

It was super windy and the bottle on the hood of our car fell — resulting in broken glass and spilled milk. But it’s okay and we just packed up and moved on because we had things to do and people to see.

But not just any ‘people’.

[that look on your kids’ faces when they see someone they love. priceless.]

Uncle Patty came to town.



We hung out for a bit and then had to go to Macy’s to find Patrick some clothes that the UN might approve of.

Oh, you’re wondering why the UN would need to approve Patrick’s clothing? I mean, no big deal or anything….but he got an internship with the UN starting next month. Ya, I mean, no big deal. It’s not like it’s a cool thing or that they only pick qualified, smart, probably cool and good looking people.

Oh, wait. They do. I’m not actually sure about the cool, good-looking part….but it seems to fit here.

Pat found some clothes. We had a Taco Time-out. It ended at our house with a Phineus and Ferb dance party.




We’re hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year, and there was only one dish that I needed to pre-make.



Chocolate + butter = mousse. Delicious, high-calorie mousse.

I also cleaned my little heart out.


And while I cleaned, Maria spent a good couple hours writing every one of our guests a little note, telling them why she is thankful for them:


Is that cute or what?

And place cards.


And when she was done, the girls rushed outside to play.


Jamie trailed behind…


…and for the rest of the afternoon, they screeched and ran and laughed and played.


And Danny and I moved the big table out of the dining room to make room for our Thanksgiving set-up.


We went to bed and at 5:30am I woke up to pump for Miss Charlotte (who is totally gaining weight, hooray!). And after I did that, I peeled some potatoes.



We’re making Alton Brown’s recipe which requires cooking them in whole milk. I approve.


The cranberry sauce is store-bought. So are the rolls. But they will all be delicious.


My fridge is stocked and I am thankful.


And while I’m prepping for our guests, I have my own little turkeys keeping me company.




I am thankful today for:

-My mom and dad who are the best. I’m thankful they taught me how to be a good person, to accept others and help those in need. I am thankful they are the best grandparents in the entire universe.  They listen to my crazy.  And they don’t think I’m crazy.  THAT I am thankful for.

-My family….my immediate and extended. Danny is the best husband. My kids are the kindest, most polite and most helpful children. My brothers are pretty cool and so are Liisa and Megan. They love my kids more than they are expected to (because seriously I expect SOME love) and they are all hilarious. My mother and father in law have given us so much and have helped us more than we could ever thank them for. They are so fun and so cool and we are all SO lucky to have them.  How did my kids get so lucky to have the best grandparents on both sides?! My sister in law is fun and funny and a super cool aunt to the little kittens.

-Cenone. My best friend has shown me that not all girls are mean girls. That there are actually people who aren’t your family who really care about you and want the best for you…and don’t just act like it on the outside. She loves my kids like they are her own and I could never thank her enough for all of that.  And the bonus?  Her boyfriend Andy is so awesome.  Like…..super awesome.

-I’m thankful that we have food in our tummies every day and a roof over our heads every night.

-I’m thankful for teachers for my children who love them and teach them about the world and how to treat others (and themselves) with respect and love. They are turning into great little citizens of the world.

-I’m thankful for all of our friends. All of them.


And in 2.5 hours, our house will be full of friends and family.  Oooooh what a lucky bunch we are.


Happy Thanksgiving!


2 thoughts on “Wonderful Weekends

  1. Meagan Caton

    I love how you pictured everything. The details are amazing! Your kids are so doggone adorable! I choked up when you mentioned the word pump. LOL. As crazy as it sounds I miss not being able to nurse Cam. Hormonal like mad still and cry at the drop of a hat!

    Love this blog. Thanks for sharing it!


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