WIWW – not impressive.

You will not be impressed.

WIWW Nov23



Navy capri leggings, my purple hi-top sneakers, a purple shirt under a grey sweatshirt. My hair looked okay, though. It was washed and dried and straight. No, seriously, my hair was the best part of this outfit. THAT’s how unimpressive it was.

But I’m tired and woke up at 6 this morning to pump for little miss I-don’t-like-food. Yes, Charlotte.

Today we’re getting things ready for Thanksgiving at our house. Getting ready involves dancing to Phineus and Ferb in the living room while I clean the kitchen the bathroom.

I have taken pictures and will keep taking pictures through tomorrow so that on Friday I have a fun post — a Thanksgiving post. And after that, I’m excited about a super dorky fun personal project I’m going to start. It won’t be exciting to any of you, but that’s okay.

Happy Wednesday!


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