The First Snow of the Season

That first snow day is always a big deal.

Today I woke up at 7:30am. Yes, I actually slept in if you could believe that. Alice crawled in and cozied up next to me. I could hear Jamie snoring on the other side of Alice (what, your 5 year olds don’t crawl in with you every. single. night.? Weird.) And then I saw the red light on my blackberry flashing. It means Cenone has bbm’d me.

“Are the kids just gonna flip when they wake up and see all this snow”

I replied with a:

“Is there snow”

She said:

“lol r u serious”

(we don’t use punctuation or real words 1/2 the time we bbm. big deal.)

I opened up our blinds and yes — lots and lots of snow. Alice DID flip. “Snow mama! See?? Snow!”

She ran to wake up Maria who ran into our room, thrilled.

She tried to wake up Jamie who woke with a sleepy, “I heard. Snow.” (he’s so much fun….)

Well then they REALLY woke up and by 7:45, they were out the door.



They ran and ran through that snow.



They laughed and sang and ran and danced and threw lots and lots of snow. Snow really is magical.




The kids are lucky that they have a cool snowboarder dad. He buys them snowboard gear, not snow gear. They get Burton snow suits and jackets and cool stuff like that. If it were up to me, they’d probably have really dorky matching stuff…probably with little bears and bunnies on them.

Maria and I quickly got ready because we had to head up to Hastings to see Jan Brett.

Don’t recognize that name? You’d probably for sure recognize her books. I hope you would at least. Check out her website.

She was in town for a book signing and we were so excited! We got her new book, watched her do a quick drawing lesson, and then had her sign the book — she was just delightful. I have pictures that I will post in a bit.  We saw lots of people we knew: Jamie’s teacher and my friend Megan, Jamie’s friend Sophia and her family, Jamie’s friend’s grandma, our neighbor friends, lots and lots of teachers…’s kind of a big deal if you have kids and read them Jan Brett books.  Maria was pretty sure she met a celebrity and to get her autograph?  Way cool.

After the signing, I went over to our friends’ house to take some pictures for them. We had originally wanted to take them outside, but it was freezing and slushy, and 2 year olds are hard to wrangle, especially when it is cold. We’ll do it in the spring, but today we did them in their house.

[love him.]

[she’s pretty great.]

[cute cute cute]

Hope you all have a really fantastic weekend!


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