Getting Fat is Good

Today, Charlotte and I dropped in to Maria’s class to help with a turkey project.


[can you see Mara on the right? she’s watching one of our faves, Lydia, do some calendar work]

Maria is always very happy to see us at school. Thank GOODNESS I don’t have a girl who is embarrassed to see us and would rather me just not look at her. Nope…she smiles sweetly and even shouts an, “I love you!”


Charlotte was asleep when we got there, but I heard her stirring. So I went to investigate and I saw this:


Trying to escape. Not this time, sneaky baby. She did help a bit, though. Oh, and the disguised turkeys looked fabulous.

[Maria’s sugar plum fairy]

[wonderwoman and a couple others]

[hilarious grape]

Such a fun project. They listen to a story about Farmer Brown trying to catch a turkey for Thanksgiving. Then they are sent home with instructions on how to come up with a disguise for their turkey so that Farmer Brown can’t find him/her. They are encouraged to find materials from home to make it extra special. Ooooh and they were.

But after the class visit, Charlotte and I had a very important meeting.

[getting attacked by little girls on the way out]

A meeting with Dr. Ambrosen.


After 8 days of pumping, nursing, and worrying, it was time for a weight check. Could she be any sweeter?


Check this out:


Last week she was 13 lbs 3oz. This week? 13 lbs 8 oz. Yes, my friends…that is a 5 oz weight gain.

This mama is very happy.


Our hard work is paying off. Smelling like a maple bar from the fenugreek is paying off. Drinking that Guinuess each night is paying off. Pumping and pumping and pumping is paying off. I know my supply has increased because get this…the first morning I pumped, I only could get 2 oz. A week later, I pumped at the same time and I got 6. 6 ounces!!! That makes me giddy. If you are a breastfeeding mama, you know exactly what I mean.

Getting fat is good.


For this little thing at least. I think she will always be a little thing, like her brother and her big (big) sister. But having her gain weight appropriately is something I am just thrilled with. I was worried for a while. But that little stinker is finally getting a taste of what it’s like to actually eat until you’re full! Something I do not have an issue with….

And hopefully this adorable little bottom will graduate out of size 2 diapers (even though the straps STILL overlap) and 3-6 month clothing (she can still wear lots of 0-3 month!) before she turns 1….






I am friends with Maria’s fabulous teacher.  Like the kind of friends who talk on the phone.  So I know that when she calls to tell me something about Maria in school, it’s gonna be awesome.

Now, we all know how I am.  My language with my kids, what I let them watch/not watch…..yes, I’m no fun and I’m strict about it.  But that’s who I am and my kids seem to be doing okay with it.  But there is something a little embarrassing about your child trying to correct her teacher on when she is being politically incorrect.  Or when Maria thinks she’s being politically incorrect.

So they were doing a unit on Thanksgiving and traditions and all that stuff.  Sandy shows them all a stalk of corn.  “This is called indian corn.”

I kid you not, Maria interrupts, saying, “Uhm.  I think you mean to say Native American corn….”

Sandy laughed.  And explained that, actually, this was really called indian corn.  But if we were to speak about people of that ethnicity then yes…we would probably say “Native American.”


Oh, Maria.  She is totally my daughter.  And I am completely my mother’s daughter.  Not bad.


Tomorrow? Friday favorites. It’s gonna be a good one.


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