Okay, so this is really what I wore today:

WIWW Nov 16th
It’s neither hideous nor is it really cute and trendy.  And my top is actually black and white and has a hood, so it’s lots cuter than that one pictured.
And my hair?  Yes, the tips are dyed pink and blue.  The blue has faded quite a bit and the pink is still there, but softer now.  Not gonna lie, I actually like it.  I think maybe I’m reverting to the early 20’s I never had:  ya know the be crazy, have my own style, look like a young hellion.  I was wearing maternity clothes when I was 19, 21, and 23…oh, and 25.  After that, it was nursing shirts.  And I thought maybe I had to try and look like a mom, so I took out my nose ring and lip ring.
Guess what?  When people know you, they don’t care if your hair is pink or if you wear skater shoes instead of  Ked’s.  And the people who judge you and automatically assume maybe you didn’t go to college and you’re paying for your groceries with food stamps (yes, someone asked me this a few weeks ago — NOT saying there is anything wrong with paying for groceries with food stamps, but it is wrong to look at someone and stereotype.  Because, let me tell you, not all food stamp users are young and have lots of kids….and not all young moms of many children use food stamps)?  Well those people don’t really matter, do they?
I’m rediscovering my own style and I like it.  And I’m okay with other people not.

1 thought on “WIWW

  1. Jennie

    So love the hair! I know what you mean, it’s great to feel spunky sometimes! A person at the grocery store once asked me if my kids all had the same dad because they look so different! People blow my mind sometimes!


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