Christmas Crafts and Silly Kids

I love pinterest, blah blah blah, you all know that. Well so does my friend Cenone. And my friend Cenone is really more like family, so when she said she was gonna come up and do some crafts I knew she was really gonna do it.

I had to clean my house. Not because I want to impress Cenone (she watched me give birth twice…I’m surprised she is still my friend) but because I didn’t want her to think we actually live like that every day. Like that meaning amidst diapers and wipes and bath towels and puddles of what I’m pretty sure was Alice’s ‘accident’….because she ran out of the hall saying, “I need diaper, mom.” But anyway, I cleaned and by the time Cenone got up to the house, it was lookin’ pretty good. We all hopped in the car, went to get Jamie from school and headed to Jo’s Fabrics (that’s what Jamie calls it) to get some crafty stuff.

I do not know how I always spend so much money there. Well I do know. I always think I’m gonna make these great awesome things and so I buy all the supplies and then they sit in my laundry room forever. I have 3 Jo’s Fabrics bags full of felt and fabric and glitter and I think popsicle sticks. This trip we brought home fabric for Jamie’s birthday party favors (capes), felt (superhero masks) and some Christmas craft supplies. And a couple things for the kids.



It’s an itty bitty tea set. The craft sets were 2 for $8. A small price to pay for them staying out of our hair while we got our craft on.


Jamie read Cenone the instructions while she (horribly) glued together his train.



So I found this tutorial on Pinterest for an adorable ruffle Christmas tree. I did it.




I can’t lie — it’s super cute.


Oh, what? You wanna pin it straight from my blog? I knew you would.


Cenone’s tulle wreath was work and 1/2. It seriously took forever.


But it turned out really cute. Almost as cute as this:


Okay, not even close to as cute as that. But it was as cute as a tulle wreath could be….which was pretty cute.


These are gonna be a Friday Favorite….get ready.



Last night when we weighed her on the brew scale, she weighed 13.6 pounds. Today? 13.7. That was after quite a bit of spitting up, lots of wet diapers, and no clothes on. We have our appointment tomorrow….let’s hope he is happy with her progress. If he isn’t, I’ll show him this picture and maybe it’ll distract him enough to say she’s doing just fine:

[ah she’s so cute]

Wyatt came over for a playdate, too. We love this kid.

[Alice really, REALLY loves him]

He went home, and while I was making dinner, the kids played PBS kids on the computer.


Okay, so Jamie’s 5 year appointment is right around the corner. January something. I do not want to have to lie to them and tell them, “Fruits and veggies? Well of course! 3 servings a day!!” The true answer is close to zero a day. That is so horrible and I cannot believe I am admitting this. But this kid will NOT eat anything new. He has gained barely 2 pounds in the past year and I am of course freaking out that he isn’t eating enough (thank you for that, Charlotte). I am not kidding you. In my “Feeding Young Children” course I took last year at U of I, they really stressed not making children eat anything. You can’t force them to eat anything, but always offer it to them. Talk about how yummy it is and what it does for us and eventually they will try it. Oh, you should hear me talk up those peas. And the carrots? They practically give me super powers. He doesn’t buy it. In fact, “Don’t you remember mama? I don’t ever want to try anything new.” Really?

Tonight, this was dinner (some bread, too):


Oh, look he’s eating it…


Wait, that’s just chicken he’s popping in his mouth.


Maria is my good eater. She eats everything and tries even more.


And Miss Alice will try most things, too.


So Jamie claimed he was done. His meat and eggs (yes, meat and eggs) were gone but his veggies went untouched. I did something that I didn’t think I would ever do.

“Jamie. You cannot leave this table until you try one corn, one carrot and one green bean.”

He whined. He cried. He said it made him cough.

“Nope. You’re staying here, Mister James. YOu will have a very long and boring night at the table if you don’t try them.”

Know what he did? He tried the one kernel of corn.

But can you guess what he did next?

He puked it allllllll up. Over a kernel of corn. I do not know what to do with this boy.


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