Today is Gonna Be a Great Day

My kids love Phineas and Ferb (and I still am unsure as to how to spell Phinneus…Phineas…Phineus…) and to be honest, so do I. How can you not like 2 little boys who are uber smart, invent lots of awesome things, are hilarious, have a pet platypus and their sassy older sister who is always trying to bust them? It’s hard not to like them. And Dufenshmirtz? Love him.

Well the theme song rocks. It’s basically about these 2 boys who make every single day great — they think up the most fun thing they can and they make it happen. They are always looking on the bright side and nothing really gets them too down.

“Today could possibly be the best day ever.

And the forecast says tomorrow will likely be a million and 6 times better.

So make every minute count, jump in, jump up and seize the day…

And let’s make sure that in every single possible way, today’s gonna be a great day!”

Look at those lyrics. Now usually I don’t really care about theme songs (although Dinosaur Train has a pretty bomb one), but I like this one. And usually it makes me think back on the day and what we did and how it was the best day ever. No, seriously, we have the Phineus and Ferb soundtrack in our car, so what else am I going to do when it’s on repeat over.  and over.  and over…..And there’s usually something about my day with the kids that can make it the best day ever…

Breakfasts are usually pretty great, especially with kids who wake up happy.



And pumping all this milk? Best day ever.



Doing “fancy” hair pretty much ensures the day will be great.



And, ah, my heart is melting…



We dropped Maria off at school yesterday and Daddy had just gotten back from the doctor. Positive for strep. Lucky for us, bad for him. Lucky for us because that meant we had a real-life-awesome-round-and-round-builder right here all day long.



[we dress down on Mondays…hair included]




And also lucky for us, we have a genius baby who is willing to help put some tracks together, too.


Today was a little more hectic than yesterday.

Today we dropped Maria and Jamie off at their schools then the babies and I ran to Starbucks. While in line at Starbucks, Maria’s teacher called to tell me that she had told me the wrong day they were making cornucopias and did I happen to have the sugar cones I signed up to bring with me because they were doing them today.

She was just being nice because she most certainly did not tell me the wrong day…she told me it was today and I completely spaced it. So the babies and I quick ordered our Starbucks, ran into Albertson’s, got the sugar cones, took them to Maria’s school, dropped Alice off at her school, then I took Charlotte to my mom because I had to take pictures for Jamie’s class.

I should have had them all sign a model-release so I could share some of their pictures here …. ohhhhh there are some cuties in his class. Some really beautiful eyes and fun, silly kids to go along with them. I took the pictures for the A.M. class, went back to feed Charlotte, ran back to Jamie’s school, and took pictures for the P.M. class. Then we rushed to get Alice and then I got a call from Stillings and Embry Florist that I had some flowers waiting for me. I rushed to get those puppies because, honestly, who doesn’t love getting flowers from a mysterious sender? I had no clue who they would be from — I went in and it was the cutest arrangement of white flowers, arranged in a perfect little sphere…and a note from Jess (one of my bffs). She’s so sweet and clever and fun — that was her way of asking if I’d be a bridesmaid for her wedding next summer. Uhhh…DUH! Can’t wait.

So after I picked up the flowers we went to pick up Charlotte. Then we went to pick up Ria from school. Then after that we went home and cleaned up a bit, then Maria had to go to violin. After violin, the 6 of us went to dinner.

Phew. And now Danny is playing video games with Patrick online.  And to quote a conversation from said video game sesh, “YESSSS! Oh, yeah, I play that gun all the time, it’s so fun… gotta be kidding me….look at all those deaths, they’re stacking up…what the heck….can you, like, not revive anyone in the round or what?…” and it went on and on. Yep. Good wholesome fun at our house. But don’t you worry your little heads. My kids are not allowed to be anywhere near that tv when Daddy plays his video games.  Guns?  Death?  Reviving people?!  No thank you.

Tomorrow is WIWW. Or maybe WIWIWW. We’ll see….


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