Monday Mornings





Monday mornings usually aren’t too hectic, but today was a little different.


Jamie has been sick for several days (fever, sore throat, cough, the usual).  Well yesterday he complained that his toe was hurting.  I didn’t really think too much of it, but finally I took a look.  Holy grossness.  His nail/toe was infected – super bright red, hurt to touch, and pus-y.  So this morning after we dropped Maria off (who is the best girl in the world and exited the car with a, “Bye, Mama, I love you.  And Alice and Jamie and Charlotte too!”) we went to Valley Med and saw Dr. Ambrosen.  He took one look and agreed it was infected and gave us an antibiotic.  Wish me luck on getting Jamie to swallow that stuff.




So now we are at home and I just finished up editing some pictures.



These are my friend Gwen’s kids — Ana and Jack.  They are adorable.  They are leaving for Ecuador (where they live) in a week or so.  We will miss them, but it is always such a treat when summer rolls around and they come to visit.

And to end this post, I’m gonna brag on Danny a little bit.  He’s the awesomest ever.  And the guys at Skaters for Public Skateparks must think so too:


Happy Monday!


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