Nights Like This

I love nights like this.


Nights where it’s 9:30 and a Friday.  I’m snuggled up next to my 2 year old baby who is sucking her thumb and breathing deeply, asleep.  Nights where Phinneus and Ferb are playing on the iPad in Jamie’s room and tiny little laughs and silly voices emerge periodically.  [when they quote the show while it’s playing, it’s hilarious].

It makes me emotional.  I am not an emotional girl.


I want 10,000 of these nights.  Nights like this when some other 26 year olds are at the bar or at parties, drunk and dancing and being crazy but this 26 year old is at home with every single thing she loves.  Not every mama is this lucky, I know this.  Some mamas don’t see their babies every single night and don’t get to hear 2 of them, best friends, laughing and giggling together.  Some mamas don’t get to smell that sweet baby breath any second of any day that she chooses.  Some mamas don’t get to snuggle up with their 2 year-olds every single night.  But this mama does.  And this mama knows just how lucky she is.

I am thankful for this night.  And all the nights like this — every single day and every single night I have with my babies, I am thankful for.  I sit here and listen to Alice snore and I forget what I was worried about a few hours earlier.  I hear Maria whisper to Jamie and I forget about stupid drama earlier this week.  Charlotte starts squeaking like a kitten in her crib and I forget that tomorrow is an insanely busy day.  And I just breathe.  And ‘just breathing’ isn’t easy for me.  But tonight it is.




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