Friday Favorites


My mom got the kids this book and “Brush Mona Lisa’s Hair”.  I love them!  They are interactive (have stuff to lift, touch, pull, etc) and smart.  And by smart, I mean that my kids are actually learning about and being exposed to art instead of making a duck move its head or feeling a kittens fur.  We’ve all seen those books.  They are fun and my kids love those, too, but this is just way better, I promise.


I may have already featured Hanna Andersson’s pilot caps on my FF post.  But they really are pretty great.  They cover the head and ears so if it’s windy or just really chilly, your baby’s head stays warm, making them warmer all over.  They are pretty lightweight, so if it was frigid out, I might go for something warmer, but just for everyday  in and out of the car or quick trips to and from, they are perfect.  We own lots.  (because that’s what happens when you have 4 kids and think they all need a set of their own).

Mama and Baby:

First of all, this brand rocks.  My friend told me it’s pronounced “loxy-ten,” so there you go so you don’t sound dumb when you say it out loud.  Anyway, this stuff smells so wonderful.  Fresh and just slightly floral but not enough to be overpowering at all.  It’s mostly water and ya know what I do?  I spray it on my kids’ clothes and blankets because it makes everything smell lovely.  L’Occitane also has this rose scented wash that I have been known to bath my babies in.  I use it on their hair.  No, it’s definitely not baby wash or baby shampoo, but I couldn’t resist because it is just too good.



I also may have used these as a Friday Favorite, but I don’t care.  I love them.  My first pair of boots I’ve ever owned and I’m not sure I can ever get another pair that isn’t Frye.  They are the best.


I started buying these squeeze fruits before they became really popular.  I want that to be known.  Before gerber and beech nut started making them, you could only buy them at Whole Foods and New Seasons.  And when you ran out of them there, you had to go on amazon and buy them by the case.  Which is what we did, no lie.  Alice still loves them, even though they are meant for younger kids, but it certainly doesn’t hurt for her to have them.  They are super convenient and don’t have to be refrigerated.  I throw a couple in my diaper bag so I have them all the time in case of emergency (read: alice throws a fit in public).  She prefers The Purple One.

Mama and Daddy:

I would never say I’m a skater (probably because I’m not) but I do know enough about it and the industry that I really like reading skateboarding magazines.  I recognize lots of the skaters names and tricks they do.  I really like reading the articles and interviews because nothing is taken too seriously.  It’s all about fun and being goofy and usually being pretty inappropriate, too.  It’s mindless, fun reading and I’ll read a skateboarding mag over Real Simple or Better Homes and Garden any day.

And danny likes reading it for obvious reasons.


There you have it, my Friday Favorites.  Today we are taking it easy.  Maria is still sick and guess who woke up and said, “Mama, this nose won’t smell a thing.”?  Jamie.  Jamie is sick.  Which means there will probably be fevers in our future and possibly puking.  Because that’s Jamie’s way.  Alice is still going strong, probably because she sucks her thumb and has become resistant to any and every type of bacteria known to man.  Disgusting.  I’m on my last day of my antibiotics and I will not be happy if I get sick again.
Wish us luck!


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