A Sick Day

We don’t have very many sick days at our house. The real kind where kids stay home from school and snuggling up is what ya do instead of running around.

Today was pretty much a legit sick day. Maria woke up with green snot caked on her face (gross) and was coughing a little too much. By 8:30 she sounded a little better but I thought I should keep her home from school. I’m pretty sure there are few things an elementary school teacher dislikes more than a parent who sends her child to school with green snot running down her face. I just gagged typing that.

So Ria stayed home and snuggled up.


And she caught up on Jungle Junction — TV during the weekdays is pretty nonexistent at our house, so when she gets to watch tv in the middle of the day, it’s special.


And look at this face. If it’s not the saddest thing you’ve seen in a long time, tell me what is…


She was sleeping in her carseat when I brought her in. I went downstairs to clean up and by the time I got back, apparently she had woken up and cried. A lot. Poor baby.

I fed her, changed her, and played with her for a bit then she napped. And then the 3 of us got ready to meet Sara at Sage.

With our hats on and everything…







We ordered our food and waited.


Sage has sandwiches and soup and scones and cookies and yummies.


[apple salad with blue cheese and balsamic dressing + a cheese sandwich]

[toast + tomato basil soup]

[tomato basil soup + turkey and cranberry sauce sandwich]

My babies are spoiled by my friends. I love friends.


Lunch flew by (boo!) and we had to pick up Jamie from school. Look at this boy. He is just beautiful.

[his eyes make me melt]

I heard all about their nature walk and how they walked by Ria’s school and Alice’s school and to Lewis Clark. They saw statumes and a map. I love him.

Then we went to pick up Alice. Oooooh I love her too. Come to think of it, I pretty much adore all my kids. They are the best.


Each day, we get at least 2 toy catalogs and the kids love them. They get their pens out and circle 1/2 the catalog for things they want.


A panda habitat building set? Sure!

We got home and they raced inside. Poor Maria was not feeling up to having her picture taken so I didn’t even try. There is nothing worse than having someone take your picture when you feel crappy, right? And Jamie tried to play that card, too…

[garbage day is tomorrow….]

And Alice very sweetly posed.


[that thumb]




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