WIWW and a few other things

So this is WIWIWW.

WIWW Nov 2


Oh, what, the WIWW was too stupid and complicated in the first place and now I’ve added an extra couple WI’s? Yes, I have. It’s because it’s What I wish I Wore Wednesday. Because I did not really wear this today. But doesn’t it look comfy and cool? When I lose 20 lbs, I am not going to wear clothes that are cut small and show off my rockin’ bod. Oh, no. This mom of 4 will be wearing boyfriend jeans and oversized sweaters because they look a lot cuter on tiny peeps than they do on not-s0-fit moms of 4. It’s not really fair or right, is it? What I actually wore today (or maybe I should just say WIAWW…oh, I’m so clever) is so boring and dumb it’s not even worth sharing.

In other news, this adorable little thing has been even more hilarious than usual:


I suppose I could have found a picture that showed her at her best — when her hair is actually brushed and the remains of the morning’s snack were not caked around those little lips and she isn’t wearing a horrible Disney t-shirt. But I don’t have time. Danny is almost done killing nazi zombies with Pat or whatever the heck they do on that video game, which means I have to jump on the remote if I wanna watch Modern Family and Law and Order: SVU. My TV is important to me.

But anyway, Alice has been hilarious. She ends every statement to me with “mom.” Example: “I want cha cha gah, mom.” Which, obviously, means she wants chocolate milk. “That’s my book, mom.” “Yep, mom.” And it’s so funny. She’s also decided that she’d like to call Jamie by his more sophisticated name: James. So unless she is REALLY upset with him, she calls him James. She still talks baby talk to Charlotte and is so surprised every time she cries when she gets 2 cm from her face. The sticky hands in the eyes probably don’t help either. Her thumb is still her best friend, she loves ‘school’ and makes us all laugh so much.

Danny and I have decided that we’re hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year. Yes, this is big. Our parents are all coming along with a couple other guests (hopefully the grandparents and tracy and sally) and I’m super stoked. Mostly because my mom has promised to give me (or let me borrow, I’m not sure which yet) the turkey cranberry dish. We are going to fry a turkey, play bingo, and eat our hearts out. I can’t wait.

What else is going on with us? Not much. We’re exhausted, that is for sure. Physically and mentally. Let’s face it, running around after 4 kids is not easy. And once you finally get some downtime, you actually realize how tired you are! But I wouldn’t change it for anything, ever. It’s true.

Oh….and Charlotte has a tooth. Did I already mention that? She hasn’t bit me yet, thank goodness, but I know it’ll happen. Ouch.

And with all of that….here are some pictures.

[is he adorable or what?]

[old picture, yes…but beautiful still]

I should really take new pictures of the kids every day, shouldn’t I?


1 thought on “WIWW and a few other things

  1. cmreitan

    Alice gets the “mom” after every comment from Danny. It’s just like when I see him “oh hey, cenone” or “want some wine, cenone” or “what;s up, cenone” everytime he talks to me he says “cenone” at the end.


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