I love a good holiday, there’s no doubt about that. But a holiday where kids dress up and get candy? Awesome. It’s double awesome when your kids are mine and they are cuter than all get out. (is that the saying? All get out? It sounds good to me, I’m gonna go with it.)

We started trick-or-treating after we dropped the big kids off at school, heading to Papa’s work around 9:00 or so.


She knocked. It’s a good thing he knew she was coming because that door opened up and she very quietly gave her own translation of “trick or treat.”


She was scooped up in 1 second. Standard.

[try to find a cuter batman, I dare you. Double dog dare.]

She got some candy at Excel, then we headed to Pepsi where Grandpa Gary and Daddy and Sara were waiting for the little superhero. We walked up to the door and Matt was standing there. She looked at him, then at me, and said, “He no have candy,” and walked right on by. Hello, Matt, nice to see you. But Sara gave her the attention she wanted and Gary (not Grandpa Gary, he was upstairs) ran to get her a full size M&M’s from the vending machine. This girl is spoiled rotten. But it didn’t end there. We trick or treated to Ross (scored some suckers) and then went up to Grandpa Gary’s (scored some hugs…Alice, not me. I don’t really hug.). It was a good and productive morning. OH, then we went to Hailey’s (new) work and got a peppermint (Alice’s choice – boring) and then to Cenones and got another full-size M&M’s bag.

When Jamie got home we carved some pumpkins. yep, on Halloween. I have 4 kids, cut me some slack.


Oh, and the lack of shoes? I have no excuse. And it was totally freezing.


Flip Flops in October? I don’t know what to say.


Jamie drew me a picture of what he wanted and I started to cut those suckers up.



These kids loved it…but it lasted all of 3 minutes then I took over. It was windy and cold.






(sidenote/pictures….THIS is what I deal with on a daily basis when it comes to shoes:)



Then we got Maria, got home, and raced around to get ready to go trick-or-treating. Danny got home and I finished his makeup….we looked bomb. Look at this picture then picture me with similar makeup. Seriously, we rocked Halloween.



[maybe the white could have been more even and the black darker…but we had 10 minutes to do it.  it’ll be better next time.]


And my 3 little superheroes were the cutest things EVER.


Charlotte was a cute baby wearing Halloween jammies. She hated her mask and her cape and I don’t blame her. They looked itchy and annoying.

We had a really wonderful Halloween and I hope you did, too.


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