October 31st

I remember one Halloween in highschool.  It was my senior year and I was pretttty cool.  Well I thought I was at least.  It was a Wednesday night and I was going to a party. (Okay, how sheltered and ridiculous does this sound already??).

Anyway, it was a birthday party for my friend Clay.  Clay who had the coolest birthday ever: Halloween.  And I remember that because it was Clay’s birthday, my mom gave me a later curfew — I think midnight.  If you knew me in highschool, this was a huge deal.  I usually wasn’t even allowed to go out on weekdays and if I did, I had to be home by eight.  On weekends my curfew was 11 or something stupid like that…. (i kid, i kid.)

I don’t remember details of the party, I just remember it was a lot of fun.  And that’s usually exactly the memories I have with Clay — fun and laughing and talking and hugging and thinking and completely just being yourself.  Because Clay was like that.

So today I’ll be thinking of Clay.  And his mom and his dad and his brother.  Because today won’t be easy for them — but I hope that it’s filled with lots of really fun and smiley memories.


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