The Season of Sick and Shopping, Too

I am sick.

Yep, sounds about right. Probably because last year at around this time, I was pregnant with Charlotte and started coughing. And the coughing wouldn’t stop. It got worse and worse and then I ended up with a sinus infection from hell and took a month’s worth of antibiotics to get over it. It was horrible. I’m hoping this illness lasts just a few days and that it’s gone before I know it.

So anyway, it started with a weird headache last week. Weird because it was in one spot and felt like a pinched nerve right behind my ear. Okay, so then my ears started hurting a bit. I called the best nurse practitioner in the entire universe (Joan) and got in for an appointment. She looked in my ears, saw that there was fluid behind my eardrum, looked up my nose and saw it was red and said that my sinuses have something going on. Not quite infected yet, but that it was good that I came in because they would only get worse probably. I trust Joan completely. I trust her because when I ask her if maybe it could possibly be a tumor back there causing this stuff, she looks at me in the eyes and shakes her head and says no and then explains why. She doesn’t laugh at me and she doesn’t talk to me like I’m stupid. Love her.

So anyway, she gave me some nose spray and some antibiotics and I’m hoping that it does the trick. But what sucks is that I’m lightheaded and a little dizzy and feel totally off. I have that sound in my ear that happens RIGHT before your ear pops…like it’s trying to pop….horrible. And I suppose that’s what sinus headaches and pressure and earaches will do to you right? It’s not a tumor….right???? (Joan is shaking her head right now and saying no).

But on Friday I was able to power through my illness and head to Spokane with my mom and 3 of my children for a little shopping. I had some things to return to Nordy’s and my mom had some things to return, too. And I love to shop.

The kids were good as gold — they really always are. And I had this wonderful view most of the time:


Oh, you want to know where I got that adorable headband because you would pay good money for something like that? Oh, no biggie…..I made it. That’s right, I made it.

Back to shopping, I need something to wear to an auction Danny and I are going to next weekend. Believe me when I say I honestly, truly, do not own any formal wear. Okay, lie, I still have my wedding dress. But listen: I have had 4 babies in just over 6 years. I started this whole thing a junior size 5 (that’s a 4 or 6 in women’s). Yes, I was much smaller then. Much…much….smaller. I no longer wear a size 5 and even though I’m not in plus sizes, I still hate shopping for clothes. They don’t fit right. Read: I look fat in everything. So anyway, we have this auction coming up and I need something to wear. I found a couple things at Nordy’s (BP — because I don’t want to look like a mom at the auction. it’s true, I said it. I don’t want to look like a mom who dressed up for a night out away from her 4 kids. I wanna look like a 26 year old. What’s funny is that in the middle of this auction, I will have to meet my babysitter out in the parking lot so I can nurse my baby before she goes down to sleep. Because she doesn’t take a bottle. But aside from that and the milk I will no doubt leak on my dress, I wanna look my age more than just a mom.) I may have even purchased some cheap jewelry to wear.



And then while my mom was making her returns, the 3 little monsters and I went into the women’s lounge. I had to nurse Charlotte and Jamie had to go potty. And what did Alice do the second she spotted the couch? Kick her shoes off of course.




We were there for maybe 20 minutes total. And I just love the 30-something year old women who are dressed in skinny jeans and heels. Hair teased and sprayed and makeup done. Expensive purses and tight shirts. And behind them is their one child — a 4 year old girl dressed similarly minus the heels. And no makeup. And the mom looks at me, nursing Charlotte, Alice and Jamie playing, and she smiles. But it’s the smile that says, “Oh, you poor thing….your children are just a mess and you look tired as hell.”

Don’t worry, I’m not. And my kids are totally a mess, but freaking adorable. And they play and run and have a ton of fun. I got that look and that smile from several people in Spokane. And all I can do is laugh because we are a pretty hilarious sight.

Jamie has really grown up in the last year, too, by the way. A year or so ago, he might have tried to make a break for it out the bathroom door. But not today.


He stays close and helps me with Alice.


And keeps her busy…


And this tiny little angel is pretty good, too.

[yep, scratch on her face]

And after the potty break, I tried on a couple dresses. Thank you, miss sassy sales associate for giving me the smallest stall in the store. We crammed in there and after I tried each thing on, Jamie said, “Oooooh, that’s sure pretty, mama.” I LOVE Jamie.

[when your kids run laps around the boots and sneakers in the kids’ department, they get balloons asap. remember that.]

Charlotte scored the most adorable pair of baby-sized Sperry Topsiders. I am talking adorable. I wouldn’t be fashion if I didn’t buy them for her (and we all know I am totally fashion. In the not-so-fashion type of fashion.)

We ate at Nordstrom Cafe (get the mushroom ravioli), got some socks and onesies for Charlotte at Gap, then headed home. Yes, it was a quick trip, but was nice. It’s easy to jump out of town for the day when you have kids as good as mine. Really, it is. And when we got home, Maria was waiting for us. Perfect way to be greeted.

Saturday was busy. Ria had a soccer game at 9 on Saturday. They lost. Surprise.

Then Danny did a little dedication at the skatepark. The pool at the park was built from a donation and was done in memory of Clay. Danny said a few words and then dropped in the pool. And reason #3,496 why I love skateboarders: they were all so appropriate and awesome during it. They knew what it meant to Clay’s family and to Danny and were super respectful. They hit their skate decks on the pool once when Danny was skating it, and when that happened, I lost it. It was a perfect dedication and Clay would have loved the park I think.

So then after that, Maria went to a football game with Maddi and the kids had a birthday party. Then later, Danny and I met Clay’s family and Cenone and Andy for appetizers and drinks which was really fun. Then we were asleep by 9:00pm.

And today….well today was lazy. And this is what I should be doing:


But Battlefield 3 came out last week…so Danny is doing this:


On the other end of that headset is Patrick. If they could play vids together for 10 hours straight, they would. Irritating.

Tomorrow is Halloween. The kids are super excited. And they are also super spoiled by their Uncles and Aunt Liisa and Megan. Why? Because they get gifts from them. Like creepy eyes…


…and t-shirts.




Along with little trick or treat bags full of candy and stickers and parachute men and sticky spiders. Oh yes they are spoiled.

And tomorrow you will be treated (not tricked) with adorable pictures of superheroes. Happy Halloween!


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