The Backup Dancer and a Haircut

Most days we get out of the house easily. But others….well….we just can’t find 2 matching shoes in this mess:



If you look hard you will see summer sandals in the mix. Sandals? We have no trips to Mexico coming up (I wish) and Alice’s feet no longer fit into 1/2 the shoes in that bin. So why don’t I just clean it out? good question.

But we got out the door in time for school yesterday. And I dangerously took this picture on the way:


It’s fall in the valley and it is gorgeous.

The babies and I had to pick up Jamie at school and when we got there, he was playing outside. Can you spot his indoor shoes?


No, not one of the 12 pairs of crocs in the cubby. His are the Toms. Because Toms rock.

And around the corner came Jamie….Mr. Ragamuffin himself.


Let me tell you something about Jamie. He was born with a head full of hair. It was beautiful. I let it grow long. I got *$&% for it for 1.5 years. We braided it, we dreaded it, we let it flow long and free. But we got really hurtful comments, too.

Let me tell you something else: I know when you are making fun of my kids. I know when you are making fun of us and how we choose to raise and/or let our kids look. You might say you’re just joking around, but it’s still not nice.  And people were so rude and mean that we cut his hair. His long, beautiful hair that, by now, would probably reach his little bottom and look adorable in 2 braids. And these days I let it grow out longer than I should and it gets messy and raggamuffin-y. Here it is:


And then we got it cut.


He really is beautiful, isn’t he? Long hair or not.

And I bet you didn’t know that, like Maria, this kid is a dancer. He’s Maria’s backup dancer. Enjoy.






And to end it on an awesome note (pose):

[what kind of mom would let their kid chew gum on the way to school??? answer: the kind of mom who forgot to brush their teeth. oops.]


2 thoughts on “The Backup Dancer and a Haircut

  1. Lindsay

    love love love this post. he is ADORABLE and is rockin’ that new hair cut! But, he was just as adorable all ragamuffiny. Molly and Lucy are closet ragamuffins. 🙂


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