Spirit Week and Halloween Parties

This week at Maria’s school is spirit week. Well, kinda. I guess they make Red Ribbon Week (ya know, the week where you learn about drugs and being safe) spirit week. Things like “Team Up Against Drugs” and you wear your favorite team shirt. And that’s exactly what Monday was: wear your favorite team shirt.

If you know the Prasil’s, you know we aren’t big sports people (I think Dan’s parents might like Oregon teams and maybe his sister likes UW…I really am not sure.  That’s how much I care about sports).   We don’t root for a particular football team and if you told me the Red Sox were in the world series, I’d ask you who the goalie was. Pat gave the kids an Egypt soccer jersey and Jamie got a Mexico soccer jersey, but those were both too small for Maria. So this is what she wore:


Know what she is? Oh, c’mon….

She’s a skater in the Dew Tour. Because skaters are a part of a team. Well, they can be. (Danny should be, but he has yet to be discovered).


We started the day off with Foster the People and a little “Pumped up Kicks” — I knew it’d be a good day.

And what do I love about Maria? She was completely on board with the skater gear. Didn’t think it was weird, or uncool or anything. Probably because one day, she really will be a part of a skate team.  And that is going to rock.

[that hoodie is awesome. it zips all the way up so your face is kinda like a mask. creepy cool.]

So then fast forward to today, the day of our Halloween party. Ooooh we love parties. Especially when JoAnn’s is selling their Halloween decor for 60% off.

The kids are superheroes this year for Halloween and they were as cute as can be.


[spiderman.  I think a red/blue shoe combo is totally appropriate for this costume.]

[wondergirl and batgirl, combining their superpowers.  socks and crocs?  totally cool.]

Our decorations made the party festive for sure.


I was proud of myself for this idea:


We have a zillion pumpkins thanks to school fieldtrips, Andy’s farm and my parent’s garden. The little candle holders we got at JoAnn’s were really short and needed a pumpkin boost.



My friend Haley made these and brought them to Cenone’s harvest party…caramel and rice krispy covered marshmallows. Ooooh so delicious.


Who doesn’t love a good bunting banner


Creepy drinks anyone?



Food. You must always have food at a party.



We had lots of kids there…20 I think. They are all kids of my “teacher friends” at St. Stan’s. Since my mom is librarian at the school, I’ve gotten to know the teachers quite well and several of them have kids my kids’ ages, so our kids go to school together, too. It’s been a lot of fun having this little group of friends — get togethers are always fun and laid-back and there is a good variety of ages. Lots of fun!


And then super baby woke up. I will end this post with the sweetest superhero of all, Miss Charlotte.



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