Zombies on a Sunday

I love Sundays.


Not because they are laid back and there is no school or work.  Not because we go to church and then come home to a big Sunday dinner (probably because we don’t, even though that does sound kind of nice).

No.  I love Sundays because Sunday holds the title for the best TV all week long.  Check it: Dexter, Jerseylicious (this is debatable), Homeland, Once Upon a Time (starts today) and finally….the best of all….


If you have not watched season one, watch it immediately.  Then jump on the zombie bandwagon and love this show with me.  It’s awesome.  If you like action and suspense and thrills and blood and gore and drama then this show is right up your freaky zombie alley.

I like it because it totally prepares me for when the zombie virus hits.  Ya know, when you hear that one person back east who got really sick and then supposedly died but then they woke up and were kinda crazy.  Walking around like they are drunk and on drugs, but not really coherent.  Their flesh is all funky and they try and eat people.  Yep, when I hear about that virus, I will know what to do.

Number one on my list…build this sweet bunker.  It’s actually more like a compound, but I think with enough friends (like Mark and Patrick and Cenone and Andy) we can get it done in time to save ourselves.  Ourselves and some of our loved ones, I promise.

Check out this blog for an entire description with pictures.

It’s pretty sweet.  We’d run out and buy chickens and cows and goats and seeds (well I’d require Andy to supply the seeds…as his payment for us saving his life from the zombies) so that we could raise and grow our own food without having to risk getting eaten.  We’d collect rain water.  And we’d be having so much fun behind those big old concrete walls while the zombies tried their hardest to get in.

Yes, Sundays rock.


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