Missed Parties

I woke up today not feeling well. Not really sick, but a couple things were bothering me — and if you know me, you know that I will worry and worry, only making what was originally bothering me even more worrisome when there really isn’t a need for it. But I do it anyway. My anxiety is something I hate — I hate, hate, hate it.

But it’s hard to change, and I am slowly working on it. And I do think it’s getting better. But on days like today, it feels like it’s getting worse.

But we woke up, I was feeling super anxious, so the kids started the day watching tv.


There were smiles and helpers galore.


[really, how perfect is this?]


So the day was ‘off’.  I was SO cranky, completely worried over nothing, and was totally scattered.

And I did it. I forgot Elliot’s birthday party.

The one thing that Jamie had been looking forward to all week. When I realized I forgot it, I cried. He had a countdown going for goodness’ sake. Each day he’d ask, “How many days now until the birthday party?” And that would happen maybe 3 times a day. He was so excited to have that birthday party all to himself, without his sisters, and I totally forgot about it.

And what makes me even more upset is that just 2 days ago, I went and got Elliot’s birthday present. We wrapped it and Jamie wrote out his card and everything. I even wrote the time of his party on my hand so I could write it on my calendar (the invite was in the car and I knew I’d forget about it so I wrote it on my hand so I would remember — yes, very junior high).

But ya know what? It’ll be okay.

We arranged a playdate and Jamie will give Elliot a little birthday party at our house. He can open his gift and they can play and run wild. And maybe Jamie will forget that I forgot….

So after I dried my ridiculous “I’m a horrible mom” tears, we worked on Maria’s homework.


She writes her 5’s and 9’s backwards, so we had to go and correct them…along with a few misunderstood math problems. Misunderstood, not wrong….because Maria would never get anything wrong…..

And daddy made dinner.


No, that’s not what he made. Those are just the breadsticks we are going to eat along with what he made: Beef Bolognese.

Maria approves. I bet you didn’t think that you could pose with a carrot AND look cool. Well you can:

oct23-20Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


And get ready, because this week is full of playdates, parties, dinner dates and skateboarding.














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