Confessions, bad words, and Thursday Evening Snapshots


It is October 20th.  That is 5 days later than when I said I was going to post a video of myself dropping in on the mini ramp.  Okay you guys, I’m not gonna lie:  skateboarding is scary.  I turn into a 16 year old girl who is trying to impress her boyfriend Danny by trying to learn how to skate so I ask him to please “hold my hands because I’m scared and I don’t wanna fall” (I swear, this really happened when I was 16, how embarrassing).

I’m working on it, I really am.  But it’s scary.

Oh, I learned a good lesson today:  It doesn’t matter how hard you try to shield your kids from the world or how ‘good’ you try to teach them to be, they are going to hear and repeat things you don’t want them to.  But don’t worry, even if they do, they are still really good kids.

When I walked into Jamie’s school to pick him up and I heard him tell another boy to sit on his……butt……well I bet you could imagine the look on my face.

We don’t say it at our house, and Cenone can confirm that if I hear someone say it in front of my kids, they get a “we don’t say that word.”  And I say this about lots of questionable words.

And are 1/2 of you scratching your head wondering why “butt” was bad to say?  Yeah….I’m that mom.  Get over it.  (Don’t worry, I am also not living in a dreamland where I think butt might be one of the worst words ever…i just don’t want my kids using it.  Big deal.)

And what I really wanna do is move to Costa Rica and live on the beach.  I’ll homeschool the kids and take them on field trips in the waves.  We’ll build sandcastles and eat lots of fruit and speak lots of Spanish.  In our downtime, we’ll hang 10 (that’s what surfers say, right???).  And I won’t worry about silly things like naughty words and mean people, cuz we’ll be too busy surfing and having fun.  Yeah, that totally sounds logical.


But until the day we can retire in Costa Rica, we’ll hang out in the valley and maybe spend Thursday evenings at the skatepark:

(so happy!)


(we traded boots and sweaters in for skate shoes and helmets)

(her face, surprisingly, was the cleanest part about this girl by 6:00pm….she had chocolate milk, leaves, mud, and water alllllllll over her.  She’s busy.)

The big kids were running around crazy and wouldn’t stop so I could take their pictures…I’ll catch ’em tomorrow.


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