The Phone

It’s official:  I am the most awkward person on the phone.


I’m like every other young person on the planet in that I text and bbm like a fool.  I take that as a compliment to myself (thank-you.  oh, you’re welcome — that was my conversation with myself…).


I don’t mind calling businesses and asking about prices, ordering things, making appointments, etc.  What I do mind is calling people I know and talking to them.  So weird and doesn’t make sense.  It’s like when I speak in public — my voice starts to crack and I kinda start to say things that don’t really make sense or that they don’t want to know or I talk really fast and I feel like my voice gets really deep.  Oh my gosh, it’s horrible.

My friends Clay and Jordan’s mom got married a couple months ago and are having a reception in Portland (actually Vancouver) this weekend and we aren’t able to go.  I have Maria’s school auction and Cenone has to work.  But we wanted to send her and Paul something anyway because it’s fun to send presents! At first we were just gonna send flowers.  Pretty, but typical.  But then I got this idea that maybe food would be more fun.  What would be more fun than food?  Tiny cupcakes!  So I called Saint Cupcake  and placed an order.  A couple of these, a few of those, maybe one of that….perfect.  Then it came time to give them Connie and Paul’s address and I said, “Uhhh…..I’m gonna have to call you back.”

Duh, I’d need their address.  I’m smart.

I know I have their home address, but the cupcakes are only delivered during the day and I didn’t want them sitting on their porch or front door or something so I did some detective work.  Word to the wise:  never hire me to be a detective because my detective work stops at email signatures.  I got Connie and Paul’s work address from an email…but I had to call to make sure they’d be there.  Call.  As in use a phone.  And talk in person without seeing faces to see if they totally think I’m as nuts as I sound.


I’m pretty sure the conversation went something like this:

“Hey Connie.  So we wanna send you something but wanna make sure you are gonna be there are you gonna be at your office tomorrow?  Because I’m gonna have it sent there I’ve never tried them but they look really good okay cool I gotta go my kids are yelling at me for some reason talk to you later bye.”

I’m serious.

Luckily (I hope) she knows I’m not totally that crazy and weird and dumb.  Yes, my kids actually were yelling at me and it’s hard to be on the phone when you have tiny voices screaming.  But that’s no excuse to act like a 10 year old with no phone etiquette.

Hopefully the cupcakes will make up for it 😉




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