Pumpkins and Sugar Cookies

Yesterday we were busy, my 4 little kittens and I. We had lots to do, like laundry and picking up the house and doing homework and making cookies.

Maria’s school is doing a Veteran’s Day celebration (which means that any of you veterans reading this — which I’m sure is tons and tons — are totally invited) and we are giving cookies as favors. I’m making the cookies. Someone caught wind of my ridiculous talents in the kitchen and the way I can work magic with my Kitchenaid. Or maybe I volunteered to do it. The way it came about doesn’t matter. What matters is that I have to make several dozen cookies and frost them in time for Veteran’s Day.

Oh, and bag them up and tie them up with red, white, and blue (duh) ribbon.

I found a really great sugar cookie recipe on the internet — super easy and really delicious, so it’s gonna be easy to get them done.

And I have helpers.

[she loves her tiny toes]

I got out my mixer and the cutest measuring cups you’ve ever seen:


Russian nesting dolls. I love them. They look super cute on my kitchen counters which is very important.

I plopped in a couple sticks of butter and a cup of sugar.


I mixed it all up till it was fluffy. The kids helped by sending their good vibes. Good vibes make all the difference.


I added an egg and a tsp (plus some more) of vanilla. It called for almond extract, but I’m not a fan of that. I like vanilla. I hope the veterans do, too.


I mixed that all up till it was super duper mixed.


In the background of that picture is 3 cups of flour, 1.5 tsp of baking powder and 1/2 tsp of salt…mixed. I added that to the butter mixture slowly.

Then I put that ball (it was really sticky and wet) in between 2 sheets of waxed paper.


I rolled it out and chilled it in the fridge.


Know what else makes a difference? A wonderfully smelling kitchen. Bath and Body Works was having a crazy sale on their candles so I stocked up.


And while the dough chilled, I watched a little Nate Berkus.


Then I realized we had pumpkins to wash so the kids and I headed outside.


After a quick dance party and a group photo, we started washing pumpkins.




It was pretty cold outside, but that didn’t stop Alice from kicking her shoes off…


This girl….is hilarious.



10 minutes, a garden hose, a daddy, and a leaf blower later, and all of our pumpkins were dried and ready to paint and/or carve:


So I wanted to paint mine (because we each have our own pumpkin to decorate which I believe is pretty standard) black and then do swirly glitter on it. I may be copying someone’s I’ve seen, but whatever. Anyway, I started spray painting mine and the spray can malfunctioned. It quit working. I was not a happy camper, but I had to set it aside and wait another day. So I went inside and cut out cookies, baked them at 350 for 8 minutes, and……



Tomorrow is WIWW. I’m going to confess to you now that I might put up what I wore today because I’m not planning on a nice outfit tomorrow. It might be yoga pants. But today’s outfit was cute enough to post (still nothing terribly exciting) so that’s what I’m going to do.


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