Rants, Paint, Skateboarding, and Sweeeeet Dance Moves

Why not start with the ranting? You know you have those days where you aren’t necessarily cranky, but it seems like everyone is just annoying or stupid or whatever?

I’m in a perfectly fine mood. I haven’t gotten upset or frustrated yet today and my house is sparkly clean (and really, who could be in a bad mood with a sparkly clean house?). But people drive me innnnnnnsane.

#1) Dear drivers: if you see little humans AT A CROSSWALK waiting to cross the street, stop for them. Let them cross. It takes 10 seconds.

#2) Parents: your children are your own responsibility. I am not a fan of people who go out all the time and leave their children with family. Be it grandparents, aunts and uncles, or close friends. I don’t like it. Hire a babysitter if you want to go out. I try really really hard not to ask my parents or Danny’s parents to watch my kids for me, even though I know they would do it in a heartbeat. Know why? They don’t want to be the ones ‘in charge’ of the kids. They don’t want to have to scold or say no. They want to spoil and have fun with the kids. They want it to be a treat for them to get together. If my brother watches my kids (which he doesn’t any more because he doesn’t live here) I pay him, always. If a friend watches my kids (which would only be Cenone)….well I try not to have her watch them. Do I trust her with them? 175%. Maybe 180. They love her and she loves them…but I’m not going to use my friends as babysitters. And if I tried to pay her, she would laugh in my face. I don’t like being laughed at.

#3) Dog Owners: Don’t let your dogs roam free. It wouldn’t be so bad if they wouldn’t pee and poop ALL OVER MY YARD all day. Or if they didn’t bark at my dogs, resulting in my dogs barking back, making it sound like 101 Dalmation’s Twilight Bark.

#4) Why can’t people just be nice?

Okay, rant over.

Today the kids didn’t have school, so we played outside this morning. Skateboarded and painted to be precise:



Jamie gave his seal of approval…


…while Alice just kept showing off.


It’s what she does.

[headband from Meagan Caton at Plum Sweet Photography]

The kids spotted their ‘fort’ and played princesses and kings. Oh, to be little.


My kids are the best. Honestly, truly, the best. And I don’t even care that I brag on them like it’s nobody’s business on my blog — you don’t have to read if you don’t want.

Oh, and not only are they the best…they are also so beautiful.




What exactly makes them the best?

They are kind to each other.


They help each other out.


And they are sweet and polite and fun.


And they have mad skills. Like skateboarding on their (very nice) tummies.


And dancing. Maria’s got dance moves that rival Michael Jackson’s.








And my tiniest of beauties just sat and watched it all. As per usual.


[her eyelashes are amazing. and her headband is from sprinkles for sprouts.]

The kids painted on a discarded white backdrop I used to use for photos.







Alice? Bossy? No….



And we’ll end on a sweet note.



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