Friday Favorites

Last week I was on vacation, so I wasn’t able to post my Friday Favorites.


Don’t worry, though.  I’m back.


(1) Luau Wraps reusable sandwich bags.


[photo taken from their site]

I’m not someone who is obsessed with being “green.”  I enjoy bottled water and I use disposable diapers (I once used cloth, though.  True story.) and much to one person’s dismay, I even have 4 children among many other totally not green things.  But one thing I just feel bad about is plastic sandwich bags.  5 days a week, Maria takes a lunch.  3 days a week, so does Jamie.  2 days a week, add Alice to the mix.  That is 10 cold lunches being packed each week.  There are at least 2 things in each of those lunches that require a plastic baggy.  That’s a lot of plastic.

My friend Juey gave me these reusable sandwich baggies from Luau Wraps and I am in love with them.  They are lined so they don’t get all nasty, they are cute, and I even throw them in the washing machine a couple times a week.  Love love love.

Now if I would just start making bento lunches for my kids, I wouldn’t need baggies at all…


(2) Biosilk

Biosilk rocks.  It smells awesome, makes your hair soft, and I use it ALLLLL the time on Alice’s hair.  If you get it at Costco (which is only sometimes available) it’s more than 1/2 off the regular price.


(3) Lucky Magazine

I love Lucky Magazine.  It’s full of tons of fashion, outfit ideas, accessories, and cool places to shop.  I’m not saying that I replicate these looks or even attempt them, but it’s fun to look through and see what I could dress like if I put in the effort.  😉


(4) Little Giraffe

Go to Nordstrom right now and buy this for your baby.  Or your toddler.  Or your kid.  Or buy a full size giraffe blanket for yourself.  These are the best blankets in the universe.  My aunt Shari gave Charlotte this polka dot one (polka dots are my fave) when she was born and we use it allllll the time.  She uses it to sleep at night and she uses it as a play mat.  I take it in the car for her in her carseat and I use it when I carry her in and out of places.  It’s thick and warm and maybe the softest blanket you will ever touch.  Oh, and what’s even better?  She also got her an itty bitty blankey to go with — like a little security blanket.  This baby has the best of everything.

But I’m being serious when I tell you to go buy one.  The adult-size giraffe blankets are even better than the baby ones because, obviously, they’re big enough for you.  They wash really well, not that I have ever had to wash mine because of baby poop, kid puke or chocolate ice cream…

(#5) Mandalas

So a while ago, maybe 3 months, I went through a period of maybe 2-2 1/2 weeks where I was very VERY anxious.  My neck was hurting and I couldn’t stop thinking about it (yes, you read that right, my neck was sore and that caused me to freak…).  Was it a tumor at the base of my neck?  Maybe it was neck cancer….

Well anyway, that kind of thing makes me horribly anxious all around, not just about my health.  Couple that with a few people who stress me out and I was done for.  I needed something to help calm me down so I researched a little bit and found mandala meditation books.  So it sounds weird and cookoo, but I really like it.  I have 2 mandala meditation books and 2 mandala coloring books.  Yep, I color.  They calm me down and help me to relax.  It doesn’t cure my anxiety and it doesn’t make me altogether quit worrying about things, but it does help me to clear my mind and stop my brain just for a bit.  It’s worth it.


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