Superheroes, Halloween and Holiday Parties

I love a good party, this is no secret — and our Autumn/Winter is full of great ones!

For the past few years, I’ve done a Halloween party for my “teacher friends” and their kids at our house. We order pizza or make hot dogs and the kids kinda run wild and play. It’s fun and a good chance for my kids to play with a set of kids that they’ve gotten together with since they were born. They all really get along and are different ages, so they don’t get to play with each other, really, at school — it’s fun to have a set of friends that you don’t see every single day, but get together with often. I think so at least.

And then December comes and we have a holiday party. Does that sound totally posh? I hope so. I like to fool people into thinking I’m incredibly chic and sophisticated. “Yes, would you like to join us for our annual holiday party this year? Yes, it will be catered…” And when I say it’ll be catered it means we’re meeting at a restaurant. Last year we had it at Sycamore Street Grill (our all-time favorite restaurant in the valley), but it is closed for a while this year so we are trying to decide where to have it. We could go fun and different and have it at Paraiso. We could be homey and have it at our house (boooorrrrring). We could be winey and have it at La Boheme. Or we could bag it altogether. That last one is totally not an option. We’re thinking on it because I need to have invitations made!

And my favorite type of party of all is the birthday party. Who doesnt’ LOVE kids’ birthday parties? Ok, I know lots and lots of parents don’t. I’ve heard everything: “I don’t want my kid to come home with a goody bag full of crap. I don’t want to do too many decorations or have it in my house because they won’t care either way and it’s just easier to go to _____,” plus more debbie downer comments regarding children’s birthday parties. Seriously people? I promise that your kids will remember their awesome parties you threw. They will remember how a couple weeks before, you helped them make the favors or took them shopping for goody bags or picked out a fun theme. It’s fun for us to go to Wal-Mart (yes, fun and wal-mart in the same sentence) and choose dinky toys for favors. If you don’t like them and if they are just “more crap” for your house, throw it away, that’s okay. Or don’t come at all…that’s okay too.

Sorry for the rant, I just get annoyed at how negative some parents are when it comes to birthday parties. Boo on them.

Jamie’s theme this year is “Superheroes.” I gave him a choice between 3 things and this is what he chose. I’m super stoked on it. THe favors are going to be masks and capes and a little goody bags ‘full of crap.’ POW and BAM and KACHING (is kaching one of the words? I’m going with it, it’s one of my favorite words ever) will be put all over the place and a city scene will be painted so kids can get their pictures of themselves ‘flying’ over the buildings. I’m not sure if I’m going to do a cake or cupcakes but they’ll be adorable.

For our costumes, American Apparel has these sweet leggings:


Yep.  those are shiny leggings.  I will be wearing a top, as will  Alice and Maria, but we’re gonna rock the shiny leggings with capes and shirts and cuffs and sweet stuff to match.


Stay tuned, because I will be blogging the entire party planning process….duh.


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