So this morning we raced. I woke up at 7:00 which is fine, but I had to feed Charlotte so I got sucked into watching Gordon Ramsey’s “Kitchen Nightmares” while doing that and forgot to wake the kids up at 7:30 which resulted in them waking up at 7:40. 10 minutes is a lot of time when you’re dealing with little kids getting ready in the morning. Some swears were used by myself (but only in the closet as I rushed to find ANYTHING to put on quickly) while the kids ate their PB toast and milk.

We were out the door at 8:20, way too late. My mistake.

So I wore a hoodie and yoga pants. BUT I have really good intentions of wearing this today:

WIWW Oct 12


That won’t be hard because tonight Danny and I are going to something for work and I should probably try and look like a 26 year old girl (woman?), not a razzled mom of 4.

I tried to find exactly what I have, but it was a no-go. The top I actually have isn’t quite as floral, the sweater is actually more like a jacket, and my skinny jeans will never look that skinny. But the boots are the real deal and I am super stoked to wear them. Confession: I’ve never actually owned a pair of nice boots. Thank you, Pinterest, for showing me how cute boots can be.


Are you completely bored by my pathetic WIWW posts?  It’s okay, so am I…but it’s actually doing what it’s supposed to — helping me realize that I should put more thought into what I wear and how I look!  Not because I want to impress people, but more because I feel a lot more confident and better when I do.


(I am also glad I have fashionable friends…hailey and cenone and megan and anna and several others.  Too bad they are all skinny minnies and I can’t raid their closets.  One day….one day…)

Happy Wednesday!


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